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I Can Sign My ABCs

Susan Chaplin
Illustrated by Laura McCaul


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“It’s a direct approach to teaching a subject about which children are often fascinated.”

--Publisher’s Weekly

“The book’s design features shiny paper and strong, solid colors for the illustrations.”


“It is an ideal alphabet book for all children ages 2 to 6.”


“I Can Sign My ABCs, used sensitively, will enrich the early childhood classroom.”

--Young Children

This full-color alphabet picture book has 26 signs—one for each letter. Each letter has its manual alphabet handshape, followed by the picture, the name, and the sign of a simple object beginning with that letter. It is an ideal book for teaching young children both the English and the American Manual alphabets.

Susan Chaplin is a legal assistant for a Minneapolis, MN law firm.

ISBN 0-930323-19-X, 7 x 7 ˝ casebound, 56 pages, illustrations


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