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Little Red Riding Hood
Told in Signed English

Harry Bornstein and
Karen L. Saulnier

Illustrated by Bradley O. Pomeroy


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Now one of the most beloved of all folktales Little Red Riding Hood in a new Signed English edition lavishly illustrated in full color. Little Red Riding Hood presents a vivacious version of this favorite story that will intrigue and delight children. Along with the story illustrations, line drawings show the characters and a narrator signing the story in Signed English, a system that uses American Sign Language (ASL) in English grammatical order.

Children will associate the signs in Little Red Riding Hood with matching vocabulary, and reinforce their grasp and retention of English language skills. When the story is read aloud while being signed, deaf and hard of hearing children also can identify lip and mouth shapes of spoken words represented by familiar ASL signs.

Teachers and parents will relish the new Little Red Riding Hood for the excellent learning opportunity it will afford their children.

Harry Bornstein is former director of the Gallaudet Signed English Project and is now a consultant in San Francisco, CA.

Karen L. Saulnier is a former research associate at the Center for Studies in Education and Human Development at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC.

ISBN 978-0-930323-63-9, 8 x 11 casebound, 48 pages


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