Carolyn McCaskill’s interview with Mary Herring Wright for the Black ASL Project

“I decided to write my story because I wanted my children to have a lasting document that chronicled my experiences growing up as a deaf person in Iron Mine, North Carolina. I also decided to write my story for my many deaf friends because my story, in many ways, is also their story.”
—From Mary Herring Wright’s Foreword to Sounds Like Home

View Carolyn McCaskill’s interview with Mary Herring Wright for the Black ASL Project.

    Wright continues her memoirs in describing her life as a Deaf, African American woman working in Washington, DC during World War II, then raising a family in her hometown of Iron Mine, NC.
Paris in America opens a door for deepening our understanding of the complexity of black and Native American (Nanticoke) history.”

“Dr. Mosley Hall puts into writing what many families of our Native and mixed community went through.”

“As deaf of deaf, with both black and Cherokee roots, I was fascinated with Paris in America.”

Paris In America by Clara Jean Mosley Hall, book trailer in ASL   Paris in America book trailer
View the author’s book trailer in ASL   Clara Jean Mosley Hall discusses her new memoir








  “Maxine Childress Brown, a child of deaf parents, understands how lack of education and access affects the opportunities available to deaf families. Her candid and poignant memoir reminds us that the deaf community’s achievements in the struggle for equal recognition, rights, and self-determination owe a debt of gratitude to those who came before us. I am delighted to recommend her book.”
—Gerard Buckley, President, National Technical Institute for the Deaf

supplemental DVD for The Hidden Treasure of Black ASL

  This paperback edition, accompanied by the supplemental video content available on the GU Press YouTube channel, presents the first empirical study that verifies Black ASL as a distinct variety of American Sign Language. This volume includes an updated foreword, a new preface that reflects on the impact of this research, and an extended list of references and resources on Black ASL   Williamson interviews nine successful deaf and hard of hearing African Americans to create a formula for success for other black, deaf students.


Deaf Lives, Volume 10

  From reflecting on the difficult choices parents must make for their children, to recounting awkward communication exchanges, Deaf advocate Jack Gannon marries good humor with a poignant advocacy for sign language rights in this collection of vignettes from his life.  

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 18

  These selected papers are comprised of research conducted in places such as Australia, Flanders, France, and Ghana, creating a volume that is international in scope. Editors Hunt and Shaw have collected papers that represent the advances in the depth and diversity of knowledge in the field of signed language interpretation and translation research.

Chapter summaries in ASL will be available on the GU Press YouTube channel upon publication.

  This volume fills a void in the field by providing a global view of recent theoretical and applied research on literacy education for deaf learners.

Chapter summaries in ASL will be available on the GU Press YouTube channel upon publication.

    Ulf Hedberg and Harlan Lane document the development of Deaf culture in France by way of Deaf schools, Deaf associations, private and professional networks, publishing, and the arts.

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