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Level I
Beginning Books

These books expose children to vocabulary (parts of the body, toys, colors, animals, etc.), phrases, and simple sentences that relate to their daily experiences and activities (dressing, eating, playing, etc.). Level I books are appropriate for children, especially preschool age children, who attempt to imitate signed or spoken words and express themselves through single gestures or words.

       All Level I books are 6 x 9 paperbacks printed on durable, coated paper with full-color illustrations and 16 pages.

A Book About Me
ISBN 978-0-913580-19-6
$8.95s Buy This Book

Count and Color
ISBN 978-0-913580-20-2
$8.95s Buy This Book

My Toy Book
ISBN 978-0-913580-22-6
$8.95s Buy This Book

Police Officer Jones
ISBN 978-0-913580-53-0
$8.95s Buy This Book

Level III
More Stories and Poems

These books have more complex linguistic and conceptual material, including classic fairy tales with complicated plots and sophisticated vocabulary. Level III books are appropriate for children who express ideas fairly readily in successive phrases and in complete sentences, ask many questions, and discuss both past and future events.

       All Level III books are 8½ x 11 or 11 x 8½ paperbacks and 32 to 64 pages, illustrated in full color.

Be Careful
ISBN 978-0-913580-55-4
$9.95s Buy This Book

Little Poems for Little People
ISBN 978-0-913580-31-8
$15.95s Buy This Book

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