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Known by many as the father of the linguistics of American Sign Language, the late William C. Stokoe, Professor Emeritus at Gallaudet University, began publication of the quarterly journal Sign Language Studies (SLS) in 1972. Since then, SLS has presented a unique forum for revolutionary papers on the language, culture, history, and literature of signing communities, signed languages and other related disciplines, including linguistics, anthropology, semiotics, and deaf studies. The new editor of SLS, Ceil Lucas, is Professor of Linguistics at Gallaudet University, co-author of the Linguistics of American Sign Language, author of numerous articles on the linguistics of signed languages, and editor of the Gallaudet University Press Sociolinguistics Series.

Circulation averages around 700 copies per issue and is growing. If you have a message of interest to our readers, Sign Language Studies offers cost-effective advertising.

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