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2003 Index by Volume and Issue Number

Volume 148, No. 1

Moores, D. F. “Short Term Memory, Morphology, and Reading,” [Editorial], 3–4.

Luckner, J. L. & Hanks, J. A. “Job Satisfaction: Perceptions of a National Sample of Teachers of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing,” 5–17.

Kiyaga, N. B. & Moores, D. F. “Deafness in Sub-Saharan Africa,” 18–24.

Dodd, E. E. & Scheetz, N. A. “Preparing Today’s Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to Work With Tomorrow’s Students: A Statewide Needs Assessment,” 25–30.

Nickerson, J. F. “Deaf College Students’ Perspectives on Literacy Portfolios,” 31–37.

Bonds, B. G. “School-to-Work Experiences: Curriculum as a Bridge,” 38–48.

Knudson, B. G. “Superintendents of American Residential Schools for the Deaf: A Profile,” 49–55.

Hyde, M., Zevenbergen, R., & Power, D. “Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students’ Performance on Arithmetic Word Problems,” 56–64.

Volume 148, No. 2

Schroedel, J. G., Watson, D., & Ashmore, D. H. “A National Research Agenda for the Postsecondary Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students: A Road Map for the Future,” 67–73.

Volume 148, No. 3

Moores, D. F. “Teacher Preparation,” [Editorial], 211–12.

Davis, S. M. & Kelly, R. R. “Comparing Deaf and Hearing College Students’ Mental Arithmetic Calculations Under Two Interference Conditions,” 213–21.

Rogers, S., Muir, K., & Evenson, C. R. “Signs of Resilience: Assets That Support Deaf Adults’ Success in Bridging the Deaf and Hearing Worlds,” 222–32.

Al-Hilawani, Y. A. “Measuring Students’ Metacognition in Real-Life Situations,” 233–42.

Luckner, J. L. & Stewart, J. “Self-Assessments and Other Perceptions of Successful Adults Who Are Deaf: An Initial Investigation,” 243–50.

Markey, C., Power, D., & Booker, G. “Using Structured Games to Teach Early Fraction Concepts to Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing,” 251–58.

Andrews, J. F. “Benefits of an Ed.D. Program in Deaf Education: A Survey,” 259–66.

Ewing, K. M. & Jones, T. W. “An Educational Rationale for Deaf Students With Multiple Disabilities,” 267–71.

Volume 148, No. 4

Moores, D. F. “The Quest for a Seamless Education,” [Editorial], 277–78.

Cuculick, J. A. & Kelly, R. R. “Relating Deaf Students’ Reading and Language Scores at College Entry to Their Degree Completion Rates,” 279–86.

Knoors, H., Meuleman, J., & Klatter-Folmer, J. “Parents’ and Teachers’ Evaluations of the Communicative Abilities of Deaf Children,” 287–94.

Loots, G. & Devisé, I. “An Intersubjective Developmental Perspective on Interactions Between Deaf and Hearing Mothers and Their Deaf Infants,” 295–307.

Most, T. “The Use of Repair Strategies: Bilingual Deaf Children Using Sign Language and Spoken Language,” 308–14.

Anderson, G. B., Boone, S. E., & Watson, D. “Impact of Federal Legislation and Policy on VR Services for Consumers Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: Perspectives of Agency Administrators and Program Specialists,” 315–22.

Hernández, R. S., Monreal, S. T., & Orza, J. G. “The Role of Cued Speech in the Development of Spanish Prepositions,” 323–32.

Reed, S. “Beliefs and Practices of Itinerant Teachers of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children Concerning Literacy Development,” 333–43.

Volume 148, No. 5

Moores, D. F. “No Child Left Behind: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly,” 349–57.

Marlatt, E. A., “Comparing Practical Knowledge Storage of Deaf and Hearing Teachers of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing,” 349–75.

Johnston, T. “W(h)ither the Deaf Community? Population, Genetics, and the Future of Australian Sign Language,” 358–77.

Zazove, P., Meador, H. E., Derry, H. A., Gorenflo, D. W., Burdick, S. W., & Saunders, E. W., “Deaf Persons and Computer Use,” 376–84.

Cooper, A., Rose, J., & Mason, O. “Measuring Attitudes of Human Service Professionals Toward Deafness,” 385–89.

Eldik, T. V., Treffers, P. D. A., Veerman, J. W., Verhulst, F. C., “Mental Health Problems of Deaf Dutch Children As Indicated by Parents’ Responses to the Child Behavior Checklist,” 390–95.

Munro-Ludders, B., Simpatico, T., & Zvetina, D. “Making Public Mental-Health Services Accessible to Deaf Consumers: Illinois Deaf Services 2000,” 396–402.

Roberson, L., Woolsey, M. L., Seabrooks, J., & Williams, G., “Data-Driven Assessment of Teacher Candidates During Their Internships in Deaf Education,” 403–12.