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2010 Index by Volume and Issue Number

Volume 155, No. 1

Moores, Donald F., “Partners in Education: The 21st International Congress on Education of the Deaf: Vancouver, British Columbia July 2010,” [Editorial], 3–4.

Koester, Lynne Sanford & Lahti-Harper, Eve, “Mother-Infant Hearing Status and Intuitive Parenting Behaviors During the First 18 Months,” 5–18.

Titus, Janet C., “The Nature of Victimization Among Youths With Hearing Loss in Substance Abuse Treatment,” 19–30.

Pereira, Patrícia Cristina Andrade & Fortes, Paulo Antonio de Carvalho, “Communication and Information Barriers to Health Assistance for Deaf Patients,” 31–37.

Luckner, John L. & Cooke, Christine, “A Summary of the Vocabulary Research With Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing,” 38–67.

Rydberg, Emelie, Gellerstedt, Lotta Coniavitis, & Danermark, Berth, “The Position of the Deaf in the Swedish Labor Market,” 68–77.

Kurkova, Petra, Scheetz, Nanci, & Stelzer, Jiri, “Health and Physical Education as an Important Part of School Curricula: A Comparison of Schools for the Deaf in the Czech Republic and the United States,” 78–95.

Jones, Elaine G., Goldsmith, Melissa, Effken, Judith, Button, Kevin, & Crago, Michael, “Creating and Testing a Deaf-Friendly, Stop-Smoking Web Site Intervention,” 96–102.

Volume 155, No. 2

Wang, Ye, Kretschmer, Robert E., & Hartman, Maria C., “Teacher-as-Researcher: Theory-into-Practice,” 105–9.

Arenson, Rebecca, & Kretschmer, Robert E., “Teaching Poetry: A Descriptive Case Study of a Poetry Unit in a Classroom of Urban Deaf Adolescents,” 110–17.

Aceti, Katherine Jane, & Wang, Ye, “The Teaching and Learning of Multimeaning Words Within a Metacognitively Based Curriculum,” 118–23.

Smith, Andrea, & Wang, Ye, “The Impact of Visual Phonics on the Phonological Awareness and Speech Production of a Student Who Is Deaf: A Case Study,” 124–30.

Hoffman, Mary, & Wang, Ye, “The Use of Graphic Representations of Sign Language in Leveled Texts to Support Deaf Readers,” 131–36.

Brigham, Molly, & Hartman, Maria C., “What Is Your Prediction? Teaching the Metacognitive Skill of Prediction to a Class of Sixth- and Seventh-Grade Students Who Are Deaf,” 137–42.

Kretschmer, Robert E., Wang, Ye, & Hartman, Maria C., “Did the Preservice Teacher–Generated Studies Constitute Actual Instances of Teacher-Researcher Studies, and Were They Consistent With Notions of Dewey?” 144–49.

Volume 155, No. 3

Moores, Donald F., “Partners in Progress: The 21st International Congress on Education of the Deaf and the Repudiation of the 1880 Congress of Milan,” 309–10.

Vernon, McCay, “The Horror of Being Deaf and in Prison,” 311–21.

Hyde, Merv, Punch, Renée, & Komesaroff, “A Comparison of the Anticipated Benefits and Received Outcomes of Pediatric Cochlear Implantation: Parental Perspectives,” 322–38.

Hardonk, Stefan, Bosteels, Sigrid, Desnerck, Greetje, Loots, Gerrit, Van Hove, Geert, Van Kerschaver, Erwin, Vanroelen, Christophe, & Louckx, Fred, “Pediatric Cochlear Implantation: A Qualitative Study of Parental Decision-Making Processes in Flanders, Belgium,” 339–52.

Dolman, David, “Enrollment Trends in Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Programs, 1973-2009,” 353–59.

Golos, Debbie B., “Deaf Children's Engagement in an Educational Video in American Sign Language,” 360–68.

Vetter, Alexandra, Löhle, Erwin, Bengel, Jürgen, & Burger, Thorsten, “The Integration Experience of Hearing Impaired Elementary School Students in Separated and Integrated School Settings,” 369–76.

Schirmer, Barbara R., & Schaffer, Laura, “Implementation of the Guided Reading Approach With Elementary School Deaf Students,” 377–85.

King, Laura H., Aguinaga, Nancy, O’Brien, Christopher, Young, Willette, & Zgonc, Kimberly, “Disability in Higher Education: A Position Paper,” 386–91.

Volume 155, No. 4

Moores, Donald F., “Integration → Inclusion → Oblivion,” 395–96.

Luckner, John L., & Bowen, Sandy K., “Teachers’ Use and Perceptions of Progress Monitoring,” 397–406.

Andrews, Jean F., & Rusher, Melissa, “Codeswitching Techniques: Evidence-Based Instructional Practices for the ASL/English Bilingual Classroom,” 407–24.

Dimling, Lisa M., “Conceptually Based Vocabulary Intervention: Second Graders’ Development of Vocabulary Words,” 425–48.

Myers, Candace, Clark, M. Diane, Musyoka, Millicent M., Anderson, Melissa L., Gilbert, Gizelle L., Agyen, Selina, & Hauser, Peter C., “Black Deaf Individuals’ Reading Skills: Influence of ASL, Culture, Family Characteristics, Reading Experience, and Education,” 449–57.

Li, Huijun, & Prevatt, Frances, “Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and Adolescents in China: Their Fears and Anxieties,” 458–66.

Easterbrooks, Susan, Lederberg, Amy R., & Connor, Carol M., “Contributions of the Emergent Literacy Environment to Literacy Outcomes for Young Children Who Are Deaf,” 467–80.

Marschark, Marc, Richardson, John T. E., Sapere, Patricia, & Sarchet, Thomastine, “Approaches to Teaching in Mainstream and Separate Postsecondary Classrooms,” 481–87.

Storbeck, Claudine, & Martin, David, (Eds.), “Special Section: South African Deaf Education and the Deaf Community,” 488–518.

Volume 155, No. 5

Moores, Donald F., “Waist Deep in the Big Muddy: The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and No Child Left Behind (NCLB),” 523–25.

Thagard, Elaine Kirk, Hilsmier, Amanda Strong, & Easterbrooks, Susan R., “Pragmatic Language in Students Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Correlation With Success in General Education,” 526–34.

Hyde, Merv B., & Punch, Renée, “The Modes of Communication Used by Children With Cochlear Implants and Role of Sign in Their Lives,” 535–49.

Stryker, Deborah S., “Baseline Data on Distance Education Offerings in Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Programs in the United States,” 550–61.

Guardino, Caroline, Syverud, Susan M., Joyner, Amy, Nicols, Heather, & King, Sarah, “Further Evidence of the Effectiveness of Phonological Instruction with Oral-Deaf Readers,” 562–68.

Luft, Pamela, & Huff, Kelly, “How Prepared Are Transition-Age Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students for Adult Living? Results of the Transition Competence Battery,” 569–79.

Meinzen-Derr, Jareen, Wiley, Susan, & Choo, Daniel I., “Impact of Early Intervention on Expressive and Receptive Language Development Among Young Children with Permanent Hearing Loss,” 580–91.

Berman, Barbara A., Guthmann, Debra S., Crespi, Catherine M., & Liu, Weiqing, “Development and Testing of an Anti-Tobacco School-Based Curriculum for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth,” 592–604.

Kika Hadjikakou and Magda Nikolaraizi, “Deaf Clubs Today: Do They Still Have a Role to Play? The Cases of Cyprus and Greece,” 605–17.