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2012 Index by Volume and Issue Number

Volume 157, No. 1

Paul, Peter V. “What is a theory good for?” [Editorial], 3–6. Borum, Valerie. “Perceptions of communication choice and usage among African American hearing parents: Afrocentric cultural implications for African American deaf and hard of hearing children,” 7–15.

Bruce, Susan M., & Parker, Amy T. “Young deafblind adults in action: Becoming self-determined change agents through advocacy,” 16–26.

Easterbrooks, Susan R., & Beal-Alvarez, Jennifer S. “States’ reading outcomes of students who are d/Deaf and hard of hearing,” 27–40.

Smith, Chad E., Massey-Stokes, Marilyn, & Lieberth, Ann. “Health information needs of d/Deaf adolescent females: A call to action,” 41–47.

Wolbers, Kimberly A., Dimling, Lisa M., Lawson, Heather R., & Golos, Debbie B. “Parallel and divergent interpreting in an elementary school classroom,” 48–65.

Levrez, Clovis, Bourdin, Béatrice, Le Driant, Barbara, Forgeot d’Arc, Baudouin, & Vandromme, Luc. “The impact of verbal capacity on theory of mind in deaf and hard of hearing children,” 66–77.

Volume 157, No. 2

Buisson, Gerald J., & Salgo, Jennifer. “Mentorship: Mutual benefits for ASL students and gifted students (Part 1),” 81–86.

Buisson, Gerald J., & Salgo, Jennifer. “College collaboration with gifted programs: Deaf studies unit (Part 2),” 87–91.

Volume 157, No. 3

Paul, Peter V. “A little bit of this and a little bit of that: An update,” [Editorial], 245–247.

Wang, Nae-Yuh, Carson, Christine M., & Niparko, John K. “Representativeness in studies of early cochlear implantation,” [Letter to the Editor], 249–250.

Shoham, Snunith, & Heber, Meital. “Characteristics of a virtual community for individuals who are d/Deaf and hard of hearing,” 251–263.

Appelman, Karen I., Ottren Callahan, Judy, Mayer, Margaret H., Luetke, Barbara S., & Stryker, Deborah S. “Education, employment, and independent living of young adults who are deaf and hard of hearing,” 264–275.

Ingber, Sara, & Most, Tova. “Fathers’ involvement in preschool programs for children with and without hearing loss,” 276–288.

Park, Jungjun, & Lombardino, Linda J. “A comparison of phonological processing skills of children with mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss and children with dyslexia,” 289–306.

Andrews, Jean F. “Reading to deaf children who sign: A response to Williams (2012) and suggestions for future research,” [Invited Essay], 307–319.

Volume 157, No. 4

Paul, Peter V. “A little MORE of this and a little MORE of that: Redux,” [Editorial], 323–325.

Decker, Kalli B., Vallotton, Claire D., & Johnson, Harold A. “Parents’ communication decision of children with hearing loss: Sources of information and influence,” 326–339.

Strassman, Barbara K., & O’Dell, Katie. “Using open captions to revise writing in digital stories composed by d/Deaf and hard of hearing students,” 340–357.

Hamilton, Harley. “The efficacy of dictionary use while reading for learning new words,” 358–372.

Cooper, Sheryl B., Emanuel, Diana C., & Cripps, Jody H. “Deaf studies alumni perceptions of the academic program and off-campus internship,” 373–390.

Ahlert, Ingrid A., & Greeff, Abraham P. “Resilience factors associated with adaptation in families with deaf and hard of hearing children,” 391–404.

Volume 157, No. 5

Paul, Peter V. “The digital generation: The good, the bad, and the ugly,” [Editorial], 407–411.

Moores, D. F. “Edward E. Corbett Jr., 1942–2012,” [Memorial Editorial], 412.

Cooper, Sheryl B., Cripps, Jody H., & Reisman, Joel I. “Service- learning in Deaf studies: Impact on the development of altruistic behaviors and social justice concern,” 413–427.

Kusters, Annelies & De Meulder, Maartje. “Understanding
Deafhood: In search of its meanings,” 428–438.

Johnson, Harold A. “Initial and ongoing teacher preparation and support: Current problems and possible solutions,” 439–449.

Feist, Amber M., Saladin, Shawn P., & Hansmann, Sandra. “Working with Hispanic women who are deaf: Recommendations from the literature,” 450–457.

Nikolaraizi, Magda, Vekiri, Ioanna, & Easterbrooks, Susan R. “Investigating deaf students’ use of visual multimedia resources in reading comprehension,” 458–473.