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2014 Index by Subject


Cheng, Sanyin, & Zhang, Li-fang, “Validating the Thinking Styles Inventory—Revised II among Chinese university students with hearing impairment through test accommodations,” 22–33.

Book Reviews

Mann, Wolfgang, & Haug, Tobias, “Facing the daunting task of assessing (deaf) bilinguals,” 484–486.

O’Brien, Catherine, Kuntze, Marlon, & Appanah, Thangi, “Culturally relevant leadership: A deaf education cultural approach,” 296–301.


Paul, Peter V., “The future stewards of the profession,” 3–6.

Paul, Peter V., “What is it like to be deaf?” 249–256.

Paul, Peter V., “In praise of doubt and systematic inquiry,” 305–312.

Paul, Peter V., “In praise of doubt and systematic inquiry: Conclusion,” 387–392.


Cawthon, Stephanie W., Caemmerer, Jacqueline M., and the pepnet 2 research and evidence synthesis team, “Parents’ perspectives on transition and postsecondary outcomes for their children who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing,” 7–21.

Letters to the Editor

Marlatt, Edward, “The importance of visual stimulus as a component of audition stimulus in the aural/oral (re)habilitation of children/clients with hearing loss,” 317–318.


Allen, Thomas E., Letteri, Amy, Choi, Song Hoa, & Dang, Daqian, “Early visual language exposure and emergent literacy in preschool deaf children: Findings from a national longitudinal study,” 346–358.

Appanah, Thangi M., & Hoffman, Nancy, “Using scaffolded self-editing to improve the writing of signing adolescent deaf students,” 269–283.

Bennett, Jessica G., Gardner, Ralph, III, Leighner, Ross, Clancy, Shannon, & Garner, Joshua, “Explicitly teaching English through-the-air to students who are deaf and hard of hearing,” 45–58.

Easterbrooks, Susan, Lederberg, Amy R., Shirin, Antia, Schick, Brenda, Kushalnagar, Poorna, Webb, Mi-Young, Branum-Martin, Lee, & Connor, Carol McDonald, “Reading among diverse DHH Learners: What, How, and for Whom?” 419–432.

McQuarrie, Lynn, & Parrila, Rauno, “Literacy and linguistic development in bilingual deaf children: Implications of the ‘and’ for phonological processing,” 372–384.


McDonald, Donna, “Joining the diaspora of deaf memoirists: A personal account of writing deafness,” 77–86.

Memorial Editorials

McGrain, Vienna, “In memoriam: Robert F. Panara,” 313–314.

Murad, Susan, “In memoriam: E. Ross Stuckless,” 315–316.

Qualitative Similarity Hypothesis

Andrews, Jean F., & Wang, Ye, “The Qualitative Similarity Hypothesis (QSH): Research synthesis and future directions,” 468–483.


Andrews, Jean F., Byrne, Andrew, & Clark, M. Diane, “Deaf scholars on reading: A historical review of 40 years of dissertation research (1973–2013): Implications for research and practice,” 393–418.

LaSasso, Carol J., & Crain, Kelly L., “Reading for deaf and hearing readers: Qualitatively and/or quantitatively same or different? A nature versus nurture issue,”447–467.

Mayer, Connie, & Trezek, Beverly J., “Is reading different for deaf individuals? Reexamining the role of phonology,” 359–371.

Teacher Education

Gardiner-Walsh, Stephanie, Kemmery, Megan, & Compton, Mary V., “First steps in the journey from consumers to producers of research in deaf education,” 59–74.


Eden, Sigal, & Ingber, Sara, “Virtual environments as a tool for improving sequence ability of deaf and hard of hearing children,” 284–295.