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2014 Index by Volume and Issue Number

Volume 159, No. 1

Paul, Peter V., “The future stewards of the profession,” [Editorial], 3–6.

Cawthon, Stephanie W., Caemmerer, Jacqueline M., and the pepnet 2 research and evidence synthesis team, “Parents’ perspectives on transition and postsecondary outcomes for their children who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing,” 7–21.

Cheng, Sanyin, & Zhang, Li-fang, “Validating the Thinking Styles Inventory—Revised II among Chinese university students with hearing impairment through test accommodations,” 22–33.

Rodríguez-Santos, José Miguel, Calleja, Marina, García-Orza, Javier, Iza, Mauricio, & Damas, Jesús, “Quality processing in deaf and hard of hearing children: Evidence from symbolic and nonsymbolic comparison tasks,” 34–44.

Bennett, Jessica G., Gardner, Ralph, III, Leighner, Ross, Clancy, Shannon, & Garner, Joshua, “Explicitly teaching English through-the-air to students who are deaf and hard of hearing,” 45–58.

Gardiner-Walsh, Stephanie, Kemmery, Megan, & Compton, Mary V., “First steps in the journey from consumers to producers of research in deaf education,” 59–74.

Volume 159, No. 2

McDonald, D. “Joining the diaspora of dead memoirists: A personal account of writing deafness,” 77–86.

Volume 159, No. 3

Paul, Peter V., “What is it like to be deaf?” [Editorial], 249–256.

Pinquart, Martin, & Pfeiffer, Jens P., “Attainment of developmental tasks by adolescents with hearing loss attending special schools,” 257–268.

Appanah, Thangi M., & Hoffman, Nancy, “Using scaffolded self-editing to improve the writing of signing adolescent deaf students,” 269–283.

Eden, Sigal, & Ingber, Sara, “Virtual environments as a tool for improving sequence ability of deaf and hard of hearing children,” 284–295.

O’Brien, Catherine, Kuntze, Marlon, & Appanah, Thangi, “Culturally relevant leadership: A deaf education cultural approach,” [Book review], 296–301.

Volume 159, No. 4

Paul, Peter V., “In praise of doubt and systematic inquiry,” [Editorial], 305–312.

McGrain, Vienna, “In Memoriam: Robert F. Panara,” 313–314.

Murad, Susan, “In Memoriam: E. Ross Stuckless,” 315–316.

Marlatt, Edward, “The importance of visual stimulus as a component of audition stimulus in the aural/oral (re)habilitation of children/clients with hearing loss,” [Letter to the Editor], 317–318.

Wang, Ye, & Andrews, Jean, “Reading and deaf individuals: Perspectives on the Qualitative Similarity Hypothesis,” 319–322.

Wang, Ye, & Williams, Cheri, “Are we hammering square pegs into round holes? An investigation of the meta-analyses of reading research with students who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing,” 323–345.

Allen, Thomas E., Letteri, Amy, Choi, Song Hoa, & Dang, Daqian, “Early visual language exposure and emergent literacy in preschool deaf children: Findings from a national longitudinal study,” 346–358.

Mayer, Connie, & Trezek, Beverly J., “Is reading different for deaf individuals? Reexamining the role of phonology,” 359–371.

McQuarrie, Lynn, & Parrila, Rauno, “Literacy and linguistic development in bilingual deaf children: Implications of the “and” for phonological processing,” 372–384.

Volume 159, No. 5

Paul, Peter V., “In praise of doubt and systematic inquiry: Conclusion,” [Editorial], 387–392.

Andrews, Jean F., Byrne, Andrew, & Clark, Diane M., “Deaf scholars on reading: A historical review of 40 years of dissertation research (1973–2013): Implications for research and practice,” 393–418.

Easterbrooks, Susan, Lederberg, Amy R., Shirin Antia, Schick, Brenda, Kushalnagar, Poorna, Webb, Mi-Young, Branum-Martin, Lee, & Connor, Carol McDonald, “Reading among diverse DHH Learners: What, How, and for Whom?” 419–432.

Twitchell, Paul, Morford, Jill P., & Hauser, Peter C., “Effects of SES on literacy development of deaf signing bilinguals,” 433–446.

LaSasso, Carol J., & Crain, Kelly L., “Reading for deaf and hearing readers: Qualitatively and/or quantitatively same or different? A nature versus nurture issue,”447–467.

Andrews, Jean F., & Wang, Ye, “The Qualitative Similarity Hypothesis (QSH): Research synthesis and future directions,” 468–483.

Mann, Wolfgang, & Haug, Tobias, “Facing the daunting task of assessing (deaf) bilinguals: Review of Issues in the Assessment of Bilinguals,” [Book Review], 484–486.