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2015 Index by Subject


Cawthon, Stephanie W., Leppo, Rachel, Ge, Jin Jin, & Bond, Mark, “Accommodations use patterns in high school and postsecondary settings for students who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing,” 9–23.


Beal-Alvarez, Jennifer S., & Scheetz, Nanci A., “Preservice teacher and interpreter American Sign Language abilities: Self-evaluations and evaluations of deaf students’ narrative renditions,” 316–333.

Attitudes/Cultural Competence

Crowe, Kathryn, McLeod, Sharynne, McKinnon, David H., & Ching, Teresa Y. C., “Attitudes toward the capabilities of deaf and hard of hearing adults: Insights from the parents of deaf and hard of hearing children,” 24–35.

Lapinski, Jessica, Colonna, Caitlin, Sexton, Patricia, & Richard, Mariah, “American Sign Language and Deaf culture competency of osteopathic medical students,” 36–47.

Taleb, Rim, “Beyond medical care,” [Letter to the Editor], 7–8.

Book Reviews

Headrick-Hall, Emily, “A first for the field of sign language research: Review of Research methods in sign language studies: A practical guide,” [Book Review], 334–335.

McCaskill, Angela, & O’Brien, Catherine, “Outsiders in a hearing world: A book still relevant today,” [Book Review], 510–513.

Ocuto, Oscar, “A review in retrospect: American Sign Language instructional guide,” [Book Review], 427–429.


Michael, Rinat, Cinamon, Rachel Gali, & Most, Tova, “Career-related parental support of adolescents with hearing loss: Relationships with parents’ expectations and occupational status,” 60–72.

Nagle, Katherine, Newman, Lynn A., Shaver, Debra M., & Marschark, Marc, “College and career readiness: Course taking of deaf and hard of hearing secondary school students,” 467–482.


Nelson, Catherine, Hyte, Holly A., & Greenfield, Robin, “Increasing self-regulation and classroom participation of a child who is deafblind,” 496–509.

Developing Countries

Eleweke, C. Jonah, Agboola, Isaac O., & Guteng, Simon I., “Reviewing the pioneering roles of Gallaudet University alumni in advancing deaf education and services in developing countries: Insights and challenges from Nigeria,” 75–83.

Discourse Analysis

Ferndale, Danielle, Munro, Louise, & Watson, Bernadette, “A discourse of ‘abnormality’: Exploring discussions of people living in Australia with deafness or hearing loss,” 483–495.


Paul, Peter V., “The joys of English: Lexemes, P12, innumeracy, and other profundities or absurdities,” 3–6.

Paul, Peter V., “Fusion: A necessity for understanding realworld phenomena?” 251–254.

Paul, Peter V., “d/Deaf and hard of hearing with a disability or an additional disability: The need for theory, research, and practice,” 339–343.

Paul, Peter V., “This issue: Something for almost everybody,” 433–436.

Evidence-based Practices

Cannon, Joanna E., Guardino, Caroline, Antia, Shirin D., & Luckner, John L., “Single-case design research: Building the evidence-base in the field of education of deaf and hard of hearing students,” 440–452.


Ayantoye, Catherine Adekemi, & Luckner, John L., “Successful students who are deaf or hard of hearing and culturally and/or linguistically diverse in inclusive settings,” 453–466.

Itinerant Teachers

Compton, Mary V., Appenzeller, Margo, Kemmery, Megan, & Gardiner-Walsh, Stephanie, “Itinerant teachers’ perspectives of using collaborative practices in serving students who are deaf or hard of hearing,” 255–272.

Norman, Nancy, & Jamieson, Janet R., “Social and emotional learning and the work of itinerant teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing,” 273–288.


Li, Degao, Gao, Kejuan, Wu, Xueyun, Xong, Ying, Chen, Xiaojun, He, Weiwei, Li, Ling, & Huang, Jingjia, “A reversed-typicality effect in pictures but not in written words in deaf and hard of hearing adolescents,” 48–59.

Trezek, Beverly J., & Mayer, Connie, “Using an informal reading inventory to differentiate instruction: Case studies of three deaf learners,” 289–302.

Multiple Disabilities

Guardino, Caroline, & Cannon, Joanna E., “Theory, research, and practice for students who are deaf and hard of hearing with disabilities: Addressing the challenges from birth to post-secondary education,” [Introduction to Special Issue], 347–355.

Jackson, Rebecca L. W., Ammerman, Sarah B., & Trautwein, Blane A., “Deafness and diversity: Early Intervention,” 356–367.

Bruce, Susan M., & Borders, Christy, “Communication and language in learners who are deaf and hard of hearing with disabilities: Theories, research, and practice,” 368–384.

Cawthon, Stephanie, “From the margins to the spotlight: Diverse deaf and hard of hearing student populations and standardized assessment accessibility,” 385–394.

Luft, Pamela, “Transition services for DHH adolescents and young adults with disabilities: Challenges and theoretical frameworks,” 395–414.

Guardino, Caroline, “Evaluating teachers’ preparedness to work with students who are deaf with disabilities,” 415–426.