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1992 Index by Subject


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Attitudes Toward Deafness

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Career Development

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Deaf-Blind Programs

Riester, A. E., Partnering to Run a Community-Based Program for Deaf-Blind Young Adults, 137(5), 411-415.


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History of Deafness

Plann, S., Roberto Francisco Pradez: Spain's First Deaf Teacher of the Deaf, 137(1), 48-55.


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Reading and Language

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Rumor Transmission

Anthony, S., The Influence of Personal Characteristics on Rumor Knowledge and Transmission Among the Deaf, 137(1), 44-47.

Teacher Preparation

Rousch, J., Harrison, M., Palsha, S., & Davidson, D., A National Survey of Educational Preparation Programs for Early Intervention Specialists, 137(5), 425-430.

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