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1993 Index by Volume and Issue Number

Volume 138, No. 1

Matthews, T. J., & Reich, C. F., Constraints on Communication in Classrooms for the Deaf, 138(1), 14-18.

MacTurk, R. H., Meadow-Orlans, K. P., Koester, L. S., & Spencer, P. E., Social Support, Motivation, Language, and Interaction: A Longitudinal Study of Mothers and Deaf Infants, 138(1), 19-25.

McEntee, M. K., Accessibility of Mental Health Services and Crisis Intervention to the Deaf, 138(1), 26-30.

Marscharck, M., DeBeni, R., Polazzo, M. G., & Cornoldi, C., Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adolescents' Memory for Concrete and Abstract Prose, 138(1), 31-39.

Buchino, M. A., Perceptions of the Oldest Hearing Child of Deaf Parents on Interpreting, Communication, Feelings, and Role Reversal, 138(1), 40-45.

Schaper, M. W., & Reitsma, P., The Use of Speech-Based Recoding in Reading by Prelingually Deaf Children, 138(1), 46-54.

Berent, G. P., Improvements in the English Syntax of Deaf College Students, 138(1), 55-61.

Volume 138, No. 2

Paul, P. V., Deafness and Text-Based Literacy, 138(2), 72-75.

Daniele, V. A., Quantitative Literacy, 138(2), 76-81.

Martin, D. S., Reasoning Skills: A Key to Literacy for Deaf Learners, 138(2), 82-86.

Loera, P. A., & Meichenbaum, D., The "Potential" Contributions of Cognitive Behavior Modification to Literacy Training for Deaf Students, 138(2), 87-95.

Padden, C., & Ramsey, C., Deaf Culture and Literacy, 138(2), 96-99.

Volume 138, No. 3

Lang, H. G., McKee, B. G., & Conner, K., Characteristics of Effective Teachers, 138(3), 252-259.

Allen, T. E., Rawlings, B. W., Remington, E., Demographic and Audiological Profiles of Deaf Children in Texas with Cochlear Implants, 138(3), 260-266.

Weaver, C. B., & Bradley-Johnson, S., A National Survey of School Psychological Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students, 138(3), 267-274.

Spencer, P. E., The Expressive Communication of Hearing Mothers and Deaf Infants, 138(3), 275-283.

McNeill, J. H., & Jordan, L. J., Factors That Contribute to Stress as Reported by Teachers of Deaf Students at Residential Schools, 138(3), 284-287.

Kelly, L.P., Recall of English Function Words and Inflections by Skilled and Average Deaf Readers, 138(3), 288-296.

Kampfe, C. M., Harrison, M., Oettinger, T., Ludington, J., McDonald-Bell, C., & Pillsbury, H.C. III, Parental Expectations as a Factor in Evaluating Children for the Multichannel Cochlear Implant, 138(3), 297-303.

Bowe, F. G., Getting There: Update on Recommendations by the Commission on Education of the Deaf, 138(3), 304-308.

Volume 138, No. 4

Lartz, M. N., A Description of Mothers' Questions to Their Young Deaf Children During Storybook Reading, 138(4), 322-330.

Stewart, D. A., Bi-Bi to MCE?, 138(4), 331-337.

Luckner, J. L., & Gonzales, B. R., What Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adolescents Know and Think About AIDS, 138(4), 338-342.

Kelly, D., Forney, J., Parker-Fisher, S., & Jones, M., The Challenge of Attention Deficit Disorder in Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, 138(4), 343-348.

Kelly, D., Forney, J., Parker-Fisher, S., & Jones, M., Evaluating and Managing Attention Deficit Disorder in Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, 138(4), 349-357.

Rottenberg, C. J., & Searfoss, L. W., How Hard-of-Hearing and Deaf Children Learn Their Names, 138(4), 358-361.

Rasing, E. J., & Duker, P. C., Acquisition and Generalization of Social Behaviors in Language-Disabled Deaf Children, 138(4), 362-369.

Marscharck, M., & Shroyer, E. H., Hearing Status and Language Fluency As Predictors of Automatic Word and Sign Recognition, 138(4), 370-375.

Volume 138, No. 5

Andrews, J. F., & Jordan, D. L., Minority and Minority Deaf Professionals, 138(5), 388-396.

Schirmer, B. R., Constructing Meaning From Narrative Text, 138(5), 397-403.

Luetke-Stahlman, B., Research-Based Language Intervention Strategies Adapted for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children, 138(5), 404-410.

Delgado, G. L., Outreach: The Resource of State Schools for the Deaf, 138(5), 411-414.

Aplin, D. Y., Psychological Evaluation of Adults in a Cochlear Implant Program, 138(5), 415-419.

Barringer, D. G., Strong, C. J., Blair, J. C., Clark, T. C., & Watkins, S., Screening Procedures Used to Identify Children With Hearing Loss, 138(5), 420-426.

Vernon, M., & LaFalce-Landers, E., A Longitudinal Study of Intellectually Gifted Deaf and Hard of Hearing People, 138(5), 427-434.

LaSasso, C. J., Reading Comprehension of Deaf Readers: The Impact of Too Many or Too Few Questions, 138(5), 435-441.