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1994 Index by Subject

Cochlear Implants

McCay, V. & Alles, C., Issues in the Use of Cochlear Implants with Prelingually Deaf Children, 139(5), 485-492.


Baldwin, S., Full Inclusion: Reality Versus Idealism, 139(2: Reference Issue), 164-165.

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Kirchner, C., Co-enrollment As An Inclusion Model, 139(2: Reference Issue), 163-164.

McCartney, B., Inclusion As a Practical Matter, 139(2: Reference Issue), 161-162.

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Stinson, M. & Lang, H., Full Inclusion: A Path for Integration or Isolation?, 139(2: Reference Issue), 156-159.


Clymer, E. & Parrish, R., Productive Administrative Applications of Computers in Schools and Programs for Deaf Students, 139(Special Issue), 28-31.

Davilla, R., Technology and Full Participation for Children and Adults Who Are Deaf, 139(Special Issue), 6-9.

Hairston, E., Educational Media Technology for Hearing Impaired Persons: A Federal Perspective, 139(Special Issue), 10-13.

Hasselbring, T., Using Media for Developing Mental Models and Anchoring Instruction, 139(Special Issue), 36-44.

Hawkins, J., Technology and the Transformation of Schooling, 139(Special Issue), 32-35.

Jensema, C., Telecommunications for the Deaf: Echoes of the Past A Glimpse of the Future, 139(Special Issue), 22-27.

Stepp, R., A Technological Metamorphosis in the Education of Deaf Students, 139(Special Issue), 14-17.

Withrow, F., Jericho: The Walls Come Tumbling Down!, 139(Special Issue), 18-21.

Behavior and Learning

Andrews, J., Winograd, P., & DeVille, G., Deaf Children Reading Fables: Using ASL Summaries to Improve Reading Comprehension, 139(3), 378-386.

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Communication Strategies

Kluwin, T., & Gaustad, M., The Role of Adaptability and Communication in Fostering Cohesion in Families with Deaf Adolescents, 139(3), 329-335.

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Deyo, D., A Review of AIDS Policies at Schools for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, 139(2: March), 86-95.

Deaf History/Culture

Boyd, R. & Van Cleve, J., Deaf Autonomy and Deaf Independence: The Early Years of the Pennsylvania Society for the Advancement of the Deaf, 139(4), 438-447.

Takala, M., Deaf Finnish Adults' Views of Their Society: Knowledge, Satisfaction, Values and Attitudes, 139(4), 400-403.