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1998 Index by Subject


Furlonger, B. (1998). An investigation of the career development of high school adolescents with hearing impairment in New Zealand. 143(3), 268-276.

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Communication Strategies

Ciocci, S.R., & Baran, J. (1998). The use of conversational repair strategies by children who are deaf. 143(3), 235-245.

Grushkin, D.A. (1998). Lexidactylophobia: The (irrational) fear of fingerspelling. 143(5), 404-415.

Kemp, M. (1998). Why is learning American Sign Language a challenge? 143(3), 255-259.

Deaf History

Bullard, C. (1998). Emerging from our isolation. [Letter to the Editor]. 143(1), 4.

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Moores, D.F. (1998). Genetic engineering and our brave new world. [Editorial]. 143(3), 223-224.

Moores, D.F. (1998). HIV/AIDS and deafness. [Editorial]. 143(1), 3.

Multicultural Issues

Heard-Dunn, P. (1998). Racelessness a difficult characterization. [Letter to the Editor]. 143(4), 293-294.

Moores, D.F. (1998). Denial of success. [Editorial]. 143(5), 371-372.

Moores, D.F. (1998). Race, ethnicity, and minority status. [Editorial]. 143(4), 291-292.

Mosley Hall, C.J. (1998). The association between raceless and achievement among African American deaf students. 143(1), 55-64.

Mosley Hall, C.J. (1998). Response to Pauline Heard-Dunn. [Letter to the Editor]. 143(4), 295.

Walker-Vann, C. (1998). Profiling Hispanic deaf students: A first step toward solving the greater problems. 143(1), 46-54

Parents and Parenting>

Calderon, R., & Low, S. (1998). Early social-emotional, language, and academic development in children with hearing loss: Families with and without fathers. 143(3), 225-234.

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Support Services

Luetke-Stahlman, B. (1998). Providing the support services needed by deaf children. 143(5), 388-391.

Seal, B.C., Rossi, P., & Henderson, C. (1998). Speech-language pathologists in schools for the deaf. 143(3), 277-283.

Teachers and Training

Pagliaro, C. (1998). The mathematics preparation and professional development of deaf education teachers. 143(5), 373-379.


Jensema, C. (1998). Viewer reaction to different television captioning speeds. 143(4), 318-324.

Testing and Screening

Loeding, B.L., & Greenan, J. (1998). Reliability and validity of generalizable skills instruments for students who are deaf, blind, and hard of hearing. 143(5), 392-403.

Yoshinaga-Itano, C., & Apuzzo, M. (1998). Identification of hearing loss after age 18 months is not early enough. 143(5), 380-387.

Yoshinaga-Itano, C., & Apuzzo, M. (1998). The development of deaf and hard of hearing children identified early through the high risk registry. 143(5), 416-424.