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Contents of the Fall 2017 Issue, Volume 162, No. 4 of the Annals

e d i t o r i a l
315 The Metaphysical Itch
a r t i c l e s
319 Dr. Andrew Foster: A Literature Review
Joel Runnels
333 Unregulated Autonomy: Uncredentialed Educational Interpreters in Rural Schools
Stephen Fitzmaurice
265 The Effectiveness of Character Writing Training in LearningChinese: Comparing Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Their Matched Hearing Peers
Connie Qun Guan and Ye Wang
277 National Provisions for Certification and Professional Preparation in Low-Incidence Sensory Disabilities: A 50-State Study
Craig Howley, Aimee Howley, and Deborah Telfer
295 A Systematic Review on the Use of LENA Technology
Ye Wang, Maria Hartman, NurulAkmar Abdul-Aziz, Sonia Arora, Lingyun Shi, and Ellie Tunison