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Who are the editors?

Editor, Literary Issues
Peter V. Paul, PhD
Department of Educational Studies
The Ohio State University
29 West Woodruff Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210-1172

Senior Associate Editor
Ye Wang, PhD, Teachers College, Columbia University

Associate Editors for Research Methodology
Mollie Blackburn, PhD, The Ohio State University
Eric Drassgow, PhD, University of South Carolina

Book Review Editor
Stephanie Cawthon, PhD, University of Texas

Business and Editorial Office
Gallaudet University Press
Peet Hall, 4th Floor
800 Florida Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002
202-651-5488 (voice)
202-651-5489 (fax)

Editorial Board
Thomas Allen, Gallaudet University
Glenn Anderson, University of Arkansas
Jean Andrews, Lamar University
Kathleen Arnos, Gallaudet University
Nivedita Bhaktha, The Ohio State University
Joanna E. Cannon, University of British Columbia
Traci Cihon, University of North Texas
Kelly Lamar Crain, Evergreen Publich Schools, Washington
Goedele De Clerck, Ghent University
Megan Fox, University of Rochester Medical Center
Susan King Fullerton, Clemson University
Debbie Golos, Utah State University
Caroline Guardino, University of North Florida
Amanda Howerton-Fox, Iona College
Janet Jamieson, University of British Columbia
Carol LaSasso, Gallaudet University
John Luckner, University of Northern Colorado
Connie Mayer, York University
Margery Miller, Miller-Rose Enterprises, Inc.
Donald F. Moores, University of North Florida
Catherine Nelson, University of Utah
Susan Nittrouer, University of Florida
Claudia M. Pagliaro, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Len Roberson, University of North Florida
Susan Rose, University of Minnesota
Russell Scott Rosen, The College of Staten Island, CUNY
Beverly Trezek, DePaul University
Gail M. Whitelaw, The Ohio State University
Cheri Williams, University of Cincinnati

Under the direction of the Joint Annals Administrative Committee

Sandra Edwards, President, Mississippi
David Geeslin, President-Elect, Indiana
Stacey Katz Shapiro, Secretary, Georgia

Christina Yuknis, President, Washington, DC
Keith Mousley, Past President, New York
Chong Min Lee, Commuications Officer, New York