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Sign Language Studies

American Annals of the Deaf

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Alandra's Lilacs
The Story of a Mother and Her Deaf Daughter

Tressa Bowers

Alone in the Mainstream
A Deaf Woman Remembers Public School

Gina A. Oliva

(Deaf Lives Series, Vol. 1)

Blind Rage
Letters to Helen Keller

Georgina Kleege

Deaf Identity and Internal Revolution

Christopher Jon Heuer

The Cry of the Gull

Now in Paperback!

Emmanuelle Laborit

Day by Day
The Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Reporter

Elizabeth Thompson

(Deaf Lives Series, Vol. 7)

Deaf Daughter, Hearing Father

Richard Medugno

Deaf Hearing Boy
A Memoir

R. H. Miller

(Deaf Lives Series, Vol. 2)

Deaf Identities in the Making
Local Lives, Transnational Connections

Jan-Kåre Breivik

Deaf in Delhi
A Memoir

Madan Vasishta

(Deaf Lives Series, Vol. 4)

Deaf Lives in Contrast
Two Women’s Stories

Mary V. Rivers and
Dvora Shurman

(Deaf Lives Series, Vol. 8)

The Deaf Mute Howls

Albert Ballin

(Gallaudet Classics in Deaf Studies Series, Vol. 1 )

Deaf Peddler
Confessions of an Inside Man

Dennis S. Buck

Deaf Women's Lives
Three Self-Portraits

Bainy Cyrus, Eileen Katz and
Celeste Cheyney, and Frances M. Parsons

(Deaf Lives Series, Vol. 3)

Far from Home
Memories of World War II and Afterward

Mary Herring Wright

I Fill This Small Space
The Writings of a Deaf Activist

Lawrence Newman
Edited by David Kurs

In Silence
Growing Up Hearing in a Deaf World

Ruth Sidransky

Lessons in Laughter
The Autobiography of a Deaf Actor

Bernard Bragg, as signed to Eugene Bergman

A Young Australian’s Experience with Deafness

Paul Jacobs

(Deaf Lives Series, Vol. 5)

Orchid of the Bayou
A Deaf Woman Faces Blindness

Cathryn Carroll, and
Catherine Hoffpauir Fischer

Seeds of Disquiet
One Deaf Woman’s Experience

Cheryl Heppner

Seeing Language in Sign
Jane Maher
Foreword by Oliver Sacks

Shall I Say a Kiss?
The Courtship Letters of a Deaf Couple

Lennard J. Davis, Editor

Signing in Puerto Rican
A Hearing Son and His Deaf Family

Andrés Torres

Silent Alarm
On the Edge with a Deaf EMT

Steven L. Schrader

Sounds Like Home
Growing Up Black and Deaf in the South

Mary Herring Wright

Surviving in Silence
A Deaf Boy in the Holocaust

The Harry I. Dunai Story
by Eleanor C. Dunai

Foreword by John S. Schuchman

Teaching from the Heart and Soul
The Robert F. Panara Story

Harry G. Lang

(Deaf Lives Series, Vol. 6)

When the Phone Rings My Bed Shakes
The Memoirs of a Deaf Doctor

Philip Zazove, M.D.