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Paris in America
A Deaf Nanticoke Shoemaker and His Daughter

Clara Jean Mosley Hall
with Gayle Williamson

Chronicling her father’s life as well as her own, the author reveals her unique cultural background as the hearing daughter of a Deaf Nanticoke Indian who grew up in Dover, Delaware's black community.

Ears, Eyes, and Hands
Reflections on Language, Literacy, and Linguistics

Deborah L. Wolter

In short, engaging narratives, a deaf literacy specialist reveals the attitudes and assumptions in the educational system regarding race, ethnicity, economic status, gender, and disability.

Listening through the Bone
Collected Poems

Willy Conley

This poetry collection examines life cycles, the natural world, and the author's experiences as a Deaf individual, in a uniquely irreverent yet poignant style.

The Academic Foundations of Interpreting Studies
An Introduction to Its Theories

Cynthia B. Roy, Jeremy L. Brunson,
and Christopher A. Stone

This is the first introductory course book that explores the theoretical foundations used in sign language interpreting studies.

The Next Generation of Research in Interpreter Education
Pursuing Evidence-Based Practices

Cynthia B. Roy and
Elizabeth A. Winston, Editors

This work contributes to the emerging body of research on learning experiences and teaching practices in sign language interpreter education.

Gesture in Multiparty Interaction

Emily Shaw

Emily Shaw establishes connections between embodied discourses in American Sign Language and spoken English and illuminates gesture's connection to language as a whole.