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The History of Gallaudet University
150 Years of a Deaf American Institution

David F. Armstrong

This heavily illustrated chronicle traces the development of the only liberal arts university for the deaf through its 150-year existence, in the process becoming a modern, comprehensive American university.

Turning the Tide
Making Life Better for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Schoolchildren

Gina A. Oliva and
Linda Risser Lytle

Presenting a qualitative study of deaf and hard of hearing students who attended mainstream schools, this study focuses on improving the educational environment of future students.

Building Bridges, Crossing Borders
One Young Deaf Womanís Education

Ann Darby Getty

This shared, experiential story tells of the authorís 20-year involvement in one young deaf womanís education achieved through the great support of her family and a string of excellent professionals.

The Art of Being Deaf
A Memoir

Donna McDonald

In her memoir, the author addresses the personal barrier she had constructed between her deaf-self and her hearing persona, and traces her long, arduous pursuit of finding out exactly who she is.

Signs and Wonders
Religious Rhetoric and the Preservation of Sign Language

Tracy Ann Morse

This study delineates the frequent use over time of religious rhetoric in the Deaf community to preserve and support sign language.

Deaf Interpreters at Work
International Insights

Robert Adam, Christopher Stone, Steven D. Collins, and Melanie Metzger, Editors

In this first-of-its kind volume, 17 widely respected scholars depict the everyday practices of deaf interpreters in their respective nations, detailing the development of accreditation to raise their professional profiles.