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New and Recently Released Titles

once upon a twin

Raymond Luczak

$15.95 paperback, ebook

February 2021

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Learners with Disabilities
Foundations, Strategies, and Resources

Caroline Guardino and
Joanna E. Cannon, Editors

$70.00 hardcover, ebook

April 2021

Deaf People in the Criminal Justice System
Selected Topics on Advocacy, Incarceration,
and Social Justice

Debra Guthmann, Gabriel I. Lomas,
Damara Goff Paris, and Gabriel A. “Tony” Martin, Editors

$85.00 hardcover
$49.95 paperback, ebook

May 2021

Let’s Go In
My Journey to a University Presidency

T. Alan Hurwitz
Foreword by Albert J. Simone

$29.95 paperback, ebook

November 2020

Controlling Our Destiny
A Board Member’s View of Deaf President Now

Philip W. Bravin
Foreword by I. King Jordan

$27.95 paperback, ebook

October 2020

Literacy and Deaf Education
Toward a Global Understanding

Qiuying Wang and Jean F. Andrews, Editors
Foreword by Donald Moores and Margery Miller

$95.00 hardcover, ebook

September 2020

This volume fills a void in the field by providing a global view of recent theoretical and applied research on literacy education for deaf learners.

Get Your Elbow Off the Horn
Stories through the Years

Jack R. Gannon

$28.95 paperback, ebook

June 2020

From reflecting on the difficult choices parents must make for their children, to recounting awkward communication exchanges, Deaf advocate Jack Gannon marries good humor with a poignant advocacy for sign language rights in this collection of vignettes from his life.

The Hidden Treasure of Black ASL
Its History and Structure

Carolyn McCaskill, Ceil Lucas, Robert Bayley, and Joseph Hill
In collaboration with Roxanne Dummett, Pamela Baldwin, and Randall Hogue
Foreword by Glenn B. Anderson

$35.00 paperback, ebook

May 2020

This paperback edition, accompanied by the supplemental video content available on the GU Press YouTube channel, presents the first empirical study that verifies Black ASL as a distinct variety of American Sign Language. This volume includes an updated foreword, a new preface that reflects on the impact of this research, and an extended list of references and resources on Black ASL.

The Second International Symposium on Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research
Selected Papers

Danielle I. J. Hunt and
Emily Shaw, Editors

$75.00 hardcover, ebook

April 2020

These selected papers are comprised of research conducted in places such as Australia, Flanders, France, and Ghana, creating a volume that is international in scope. Editors Hunt and Shaw have collected papers that represent the advances in the depth and diversity of knowledge in the field of signed language interpretation and translation research.

Elements of French Deaf Heritage

Ulf Hedberg and Harlan Lane
Forward by Yves Delaporte

$55.00 paperback, ebook

March 2020