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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Learners with Disabilities
Foundations, Strategies, and Resources

Caroline Guardino and
Joanna E. Cannon, Editors

April 2021

    $70.00 hardcover, ebook

Deaf Education series, Volume 8

Professionals and families must be prepared to support the unique needs of deaf and hard of hearing learners with one or more disabilities, as they constitute approximately half the population of deaf and hard of hearing pre-K through 12th grade students. There is an ongoing need for up-to-date strategies and resources to effectively meet the needs of these students. Caroline Guardino and Joanna E. Cannon address this gap with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Learners with Disabilities: Foundations, Strategies, and Resources. This comprehensive volume presents an overview of the existing literature and provides research-based strategies that can be implemented when working with these individuals.

       The disabilities covered in this volume include developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder, intellectual and learning disabilities, deafblindness, emotional and behavioral disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and a variety of high incidence syndromes. Contributors share best practices using an open-minded, asset-based approach. They examine the literature within each disability category, as well as demographics/characteristics, intervention/identification, placement, communication/language, psychosocial issues, assistive technologies/accommodations, assessments, and transition/post-secondary outcomes. Each chapter begins with learning objectives and concludes with a list of resources and discussion questions. A supplemental instructor’s manual provides valuable material for each chapter, including: (a) sample answers to the discussion questions, (b) investigation activities with grading rubrics, (c) quiz banks, (d) interpreted and captioned summary videos, and (e) PowerPoint slides. Deaf and Hard of Hearing Learners with Disabilities is an essential book for courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, and in workshops and webinars for in-service teachers, professionals, and families.

Caroline Guardino is an associate professor of exceptional and deaf education in the Department of Exceptional, Deaf, and Interpreter Education at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL.

Joanna E. Cannon is an associate professor in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education, and is coordinator of the Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing graduate program at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

ISBN 978-1-944838-86-7
6 x 9, 256 pages, 16 tables, 5 figures, index

ISBN 978-1-944838-87-4