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Select Gallaudet University titles can be ordered by students, educators, and other consumers as both print editions and as PDF e-books. You can download e-books directly to your computer or handheld device and read them using free Digital Editions software from Adobe—available for PC, Mac, and other e-reader platforms (see online at http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/devices/).

We have three licensing options for individuals for most of our e-books:

  • Perpetual ownership at list price
  • 180-day ownership for about 50% of list price
  • 30-day ownership for $5.00

When you complete the purchase of an e-book through the Gallaudet University Press shopping cart, you will receive an order confirmation and a link to download your e-book, as well as a link to Adobe’s Digital Editions software.

Libraries interested in licensing e-books, please email gupress@gallaudet.edu.

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Accountability-Based Reforms
The Impact on Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

Stephanie W. Cawthon

$55.00s print edition
$55.00 e-book

Cognition, Education, and Deafness
Directions for Research and Instruction

David S. Martin, Editor

$50.00s print edition
$33.30 e-book

Advances in Cognition, Education, and Deafness

David S. Martin, Editor

$60.00s print edition
$39.95 e-book

Come Sign With Us
Sign Language Activities for Children

Jan C. Hafer and Robert M. Wilson

$39.95t print edition
$26.60 e-book

American Sign Language and Early Literacy
A Model Parent-Child Program

Kristin Snoddon

$55.00s print edition
$55.00 e-book

Comparative Studies in Special Education

Kas Mazurek and Margret A. Winzer, Editors

$76.00s print edition
$50.62 e-book

The American Sign Language Handshape Puzzle Book

Linda Lascelle Hillebrand

$22.95t print edition
$19.95 e-book

Context, Cognition, and Deafness

M. Diane Clark, Marc Marschark,
and Michael Karchmer, Editors

$88.00s print edition
$88.00 e-book

The American Sign Language Handshape Starter
A Beginner’s Guide

Richard A. Tennant and
Marianne Gluszak Brown

$19.95t print edition
$17.95 e-book

Day by Day
The Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Reporter

Elizabeth Thompson

$29.95t print edition
$19.95 e-book

Amy Signs
A Mother, Her Deaf Daughter, and Their Stories

Rebecca Willman Gernon
and Amy Willman

$29.95t print edition
$29.95 e-book

Deaf American Prose

Kristen Harmon and
Jennifer Nelson, Editors

$60.00s print edition
$60.00 e-book

Assessing Deaf Adults
Critical Issues in Testing and Evaluation

Judith L. Mounty and
David S. Martin, Editors

$63.25s print edition
$55.00 e-book

Deaf Children in Public Schools
Placement, Context, and Consequences

Claire L. Ramsey

$59.95s print edition
$39.95 e-book

Bilingual Deaf and Hearing Families
Narrative Interviews

Barbara Bodner-Johnson and
Beth Sonnenstrahl Benedict

$75.00s print edition
$75.00 e-book

Deaf Epistemologies
Multiple Perspectives on the Acquisition of Knowledge

Peter V. Paul and
Donald F. Moores, Editors

$85.00s print edition
$85.00 e-book

Blind Rage
Letters to Helen Keller

Georgina Kleege

$19.95t print edition
$19.95 e-book

Deaf Heritage
A Narrative History of Deaf America

Jack R. Gannon

$75.00s print edition
$75.00 e-book

Cochlear Implants
Evolving Perspectives

Raylene Paludneviciene
and Irene W. Leigh, Editors

$60.00s print edition
$60.00 e-book

Deaf in DC
A Memoir

Madan Vasishta

$29.95t print edition
$19.95 e-book