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1:1 Tuesday, August 3, 1999

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Fall Books

Crying Hands: Eugenics and Deaf People in Nazi Germany reveals a neglected chapter of the Holocaust , the forced sterilization and murder of deaf people in Nazi Germany, a precursor to the "Final Solution." August 1999.
Alandra's Lilacs: The Story of a Mother and Her Deaf Daughter tells of the author's 25 year struggle with physicians and educators to raise her deaf daughter--and of her ultimate triumph. September 1999
Psychotherapy with Deaf Clients from Diverse Groups explores the various cultural influences that therapists must consider in their approaches to therapy. October 1999.
Illusions of Equality: Deaf Americans in School and Factory, 1850-1950 examines a century of strategies and setbacks in the Deaf community's efforts to provide good education and lasting employment for its members. November 1999.
Storytelling and Conversation: Discourse in Deaf Communities surveys the impact of discourse in sign languages worldwide. It is the fifth volume in the Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities series. October 1999.
Deaf Children in China profiles education and expectations for deaf children in China today. December 1999.

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