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1:2 Tuesday, September 14, 1999

October 15-17th will be a big weekend at Gallaudet. The University is hosting the William C. Stokoe and the Study of Signed Languages conference. This national conference celebrates the 80th birthday of Stokoe, who through tireless efforts and vision proved to the world that ASL is, in fact, a language and not a mere imitation of speech. Gallaudet University Press will have a table at the conference, so please stop by and visit us if you attend. Our book Seeing Language in Sign details how the linguistic characteristics of American Sign Language (ASL) were originally confirmed by the first champion of Deaf Americans' native language. This book is available at a discount to those who have joined our email list as of September 8, 1999. Click here for the order form. For more information on the conference, complete with reservation information and program, visit the conference site.

We are happy to report that the true story of one woman's life growing up black and deaf in the South has been well-received. So well, in fact, that we have already had to reprint the book to keep up with the demand. See why Sounds Like Home is so popular with our readers.

Our books continue to receive rave reviews in various journals and magazines. Booklist describes Sounds Like Home as "compelling" and the author's experiences as "thoughtfully expressed". Alandra's Lilacs, Booklist goes on to say, "illuminate(s) important issues for hearing and deaf audiences."
Publishers Weekly compliments Alandra's Lilacs as "an involving look at deaf culture and the alienation that can arise between the deaf and the hearing. The author "honestly and successfully conveys the difficulties and joys of bringing up a deaf child and her determination to give her a good life."
Original Signs gets the nod from Library Journal, which says "Armstrong proceeds to lead his reader through a rich array of information...and suggests that manual gestures rather than vocalization may be the precursor of human language. Clearly written in a voice that is humane as well as scholarly..."

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