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10:7 Tuesday, July 15, 2008

“Welcome to My World”

A Hard of Hearing Journalist Shares Her Life Challenges
and Successes in a Hearing Society

“The short of it—I became deaf,” explains Elizabeth Thompson, author of the recently released Day by Day: The Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Reporter, the seventh volume in the Deaf Lives series. “The long of it—I learned how to cope. This learning process began when I was a child. Was it easy? No. Interesting? Yes. That is the gist of my book. I want to share what I have learned from within myself, from my experiences, and from others. All of these experiences led to my writing a newspaper column, starting in 1998. I have built my book around these columns, explaining how the writing came to life and any afterthoughts that came to me as I retyped individual columns into my book. The columns, all of which appeared in Suburban News Publications (SNP), are scattered throughout the book. Words have power that can have a long-lasting effect. For this reason, I want my words to encourage all of my readers and let them know they are not alone.”

Thompson continues with, “I gave up my personal search to learn why I had a hearing loss, once I determined there was a reason for my hearing loss. As the years passed and I continued writing my columns, what began as a coping mechanism for me turned into a mission. I wanted to learn, teach, and reach others struggling like I was, and to build a bridge of understanding between hearing and Deaf people. My life is an open book now and I welcome you into my world.”

Read more about the fascinating yet challenging life experiences of Elizabeth Thompson in her chapter entitled “You Are One of Millions.” Also available online are the table of contents and the foreword. Use your exclusive subscriber discount to receive a savings of 20% off when you order Day by Day online or by mail. When ordering online, type “JUL0820%” in the “Comments or Special Instructions” box below your credit card information.

In The Spanish National Deaf School: Portraits from the Nineteenth Century, author Susan Plann reveals the ambivalence in 19th-century Spanish deaf education by profiling select teachers and students from 1805–1899. Reference & Research Book News noted in a recent review that: “Plann works from personality to personality in these portraits of pioneering instructors, rebels, and other instigators of change. Particularly effective is her portrait of Martín de Martín y Ruiz, the most famous deaf-blind student from the Madrid school whose initial triumphs led to despair.” And SIGNews, a newspaper for the signing community, touts: “I found this book a very interesting read and was impressed with the extent of Plann’s knowledge and details in the book, especially with the scant records available on deaf students during that period. This book would be perfect for any students interested in the history of deaf education, the history of deaf people in Spain itself, anybody interested in deaf international studies, and any history buffs in general.” Learn more about The Spanish National Deaf School by viewing the table of contents and reading the preface, and order your copy today.

“Deafness is nowhere the limiting disability that it once was in society,” reads the current issue of Wisconsin Bookwatch, the library newsletter published by The Midwest Book Review, “and as time continues on, educators [are] enabling deaf students to function nearly and as fully as anyone else. Deaf Education in America: Voices of Children from Inclusion Settings grants readers a detailed examination of integrating deaf students into a standard educational classroom of the hearing, and the benefits that can be reaped from this process. It completely evaluates its risks as well, and offers solid steps and procedures to better educate America’s deaf children. Highly recommended to educators everywhere, it should be in community library education collections.” Deaf Education in America provides a detailed examination of the complex issues surrounding the integration of deaf students into the general classroom. View the table of contents and read what the students have to say in chapter seven, “Voices of Deaf Children.” Order Deaf Education in America here.

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