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See Deaf People through a Prism of Unique National, Regional, Ethnic, and Racial Realities

International Scholars Describe Resulting Social and
Educational Issues in this Wide-Ranging Collection

Deaf People Around the World: Educational and Social Perspectives showcases leading researchers from 30 nations who describe the shared developmental, social, and educational issues facing deaf people filtered through the prism of unique national, regional, ethnic, and racial realities. As indicated in the table of contents, the text is divided into five major sections: Asia/Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, Europe, North and South America, and International Developments. This comprehensive collection presents and analyzes social, political, and educational realities that deaf people around the world encounter. Many of these profiles depict diverse societies at various stages of development and evolution while operating under quite diverse philosophies.

Editors Donald F. Moores and Margery S. Miller explain the impetus behind this effort: “The motivation for this book developed over a long period of time, and we attribute that lengthy development to several factors. First among them has been the opportunity for us, both together and separately, to visit a wide range of countries to participate in and present at conferences, observe in schools, visit universities, discuss research, conduct workshops, and visit clubs for the Deaf. Secondly, each of us has had tenure of more than 20 years at Gallaudet University, another source of international exchange. In addition to participating in in-service training for professionals from other countries, we have taught and advised deaf and hearing undergraduate and graduate students from all six continents. A final major influence has been Moores’ role of editor of the American Annals of the Deaf.”

Read more about this collection in a paper from Part IV: International Developments, and use your exclusive subscriber discount to receive a savings of 20% off when you order Deaf People Around the World online or by mail. When ordering online, type “APR2009” in the box labeled “use promo code” located next to the “checkout” button.

In I Fill This Small Space: Writings of a Deaf Activist, author Lawrence Newman describes the late 1960s, declaring that “American Sign Language (ASL) lay hidden in the closet, as the oral philosophy dominated the majority of schools and programs for the deaf, as most parents of deaf children were hostile to the use of the hands for communicating purposes, as deaf representatives on boards and organizations serving deaf people were a rarity, as deaf administrators of schools and programs for the deaf were almost unheard of.” In his new book, edited by David Kurs, Newman cautions readers by stating, “It should be understood that the articles and speeches collected here appeared at a time when the atmosphere was hostile to the use of sign language, when there was rampant paternalism, and before the Deaf President Now (DPN) movement that electrified not only deaf people but the whole world. It was a time when we were somewhat acquiescent, somewhat milquetoasty.”

I Fill This Small Space features the best articles and poems by this Deaf activist and 1968 California Teacher of the Year on subjects ranging from communication and language to humorous insights on his own activities. “Today’s deaf writers appear in force, writing on a broad range of topics with aplomb, candidness, and a high measure of skill about their experiences of what it is like to be deaf. Deaf people have every right to be proud of them. They should be offered our praise and support. I can only hope that this collection of published writings can be of some historical significance to these writers, their readers, and to anyone that comes across the deaf world.”

Read “See! See! See! See!” and “Reaction to See! See! See! See! Article,” and order I Fill This Small Space at a 20% savings off the regular price. For online orders, type “APR2009” in the box labeled “use promo code” next to the “checkout” button. You may also order by mail.

Experienced ASL instructor Leann Sebrey’s book The Parents’ Guide to Baby Signs: Early Communication with Your Infant garnered good notices in Wisconsin Bookwatch, the library newsletter of The Midwest Book Review: “There’s more to human communication than the spoken word. The Parents’ Guide to Baby Signs: Early Communication with Your Infant is a guide for parents who want their child to embrace sign language as a way of speaking with one’s infant, as a method that can be used from a far younger age than verbal speech. With a step-by-step process of trying to get one’s child to understand sign language, it’s aimed at hearing-impaired families, but the information rings true for any. The Parents’ Guide to Baby Signs is a fine acquisition for any parent who wants to encourage their child in any way they can.” The Parents’ Guide to Baby Signs is the complete how-to book for parents, caregivers, and educators to teach early communication with infants using sign language. Read more in chapter one, and order your copy today!

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