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12:7 Friday, July 30, 2010

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Our New E-Book Program Provides Dual Options for Some of Our Most Popular Titles

Gallaudet University Press announces its new electronic book program! We are kicking off our program with the twelve books listed below, which you may order as both print editions and as PDF e-books. In the future, our e-book program will include titles that will be available as PDFs only. This program allows us to reduce the cost for selected titles, many to their original publication prices or lower, while also eliminating shipping and handling charges. You can download our e-books directly to your computer or handheld device and read them using free Digital Editions software from Adobe—available for PC, Mac, and other e-reader platforms (see online at  http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/devices/).

Our new e-book program offers many benefits. The e-books are delivered almost instantaneously, allowing you to start reading them within minutes without leaving your chair. Because it is a downloadable file, it takes up less space, thereby eliminating the need for a dedicated room to store them; you can safely store them in your computer. Also, the portability of our e-books allows you to carry them with you on CD, in a laptop, netbook or any e-book reader without worrying about their weight.

Three licensing options are currently available for individuals for most of our e-books. Perpetual ownership at list price allows you to own an e-book outright. With this option, you may read your e-book anywhere, on the bus, train, airplane and while standing in line. Another option is to own an e-book for up to 6 months (180 days) for about half of the list price. However, if you only need an e-book for a short time, our 30-day option would be your best bet. For $5.00, you can get the information you need quickly within the 30-day timeframe.

To order an e-book, click the title link below to go directly to the individual book page. From there, the link to the shopping cart will provide both the print edition as well as the three e-book options explained above. When you complete the purchase of an e-book, you will receive an order confirmation and a link to download your e-book, as well as a link to Adobe’s Digital Editions software. Libraries that are interested in licensing our e-books may do so by emailing us at gupress@gallaudet.edu.


The American Sign Language Handshape Starter
A Beginner’s Guide

Richard A. Tennant and
Marianne Gluszak Brown

This primer illustrates 800 of the most frequently used signs, arranging them by the 40 standard handshapes used in ASL and day-to-day topics.

Print Edition
ISBN 1-56368-130-7, $19.95t

6 x 9 paperback, 176 pages, 800 sign illustrations, glossary, index

ISBN 1-56368-182-X, $17.95

Come Sign With Us
Sign Language Activities for Children

Jan C. Hafer and Robert M. Wilson

This fun guide for parents and educators on teaching hearing children how to sign features more than 300 ASL illustrations for vocabulary in both English and Spanish.

Print Edition
ISBN 1-56368-051-3, $39.95t

8 ½ x 11 paperback, 160 pages, line drawings, glossary

ISBN 1-56368-169-2, $26.60

The American Sign Language Handshape Puzzle Book

Linda Lascelle Hillebrand

This workbook features 54 different puzzles at three different levels — easy, medium, and difficult — to help students learn, review, and strengthen their signing vocabulary.

Print Edition
ISBN 1-56368-310-5, $22.95t

8 ½ x 11 paperback, 120 pages, 54 puzzles, answer key, index

ISBN 1-56368-453-5, $19.95

Parents and Their Deaf Children
The Early Years

Kathryn P. Meadow-Orlans, Donna M. Mertens, and Marilyn A. Sass-Lehrer

This study profiles a group of parents and their deaf children in their early years and elementary school, the parents’ goals, the children’s successes and troubles, and the family’s assessment of its health and educational systems.

Print Edition
ISBN 1-56368-137-4, $60.95s

6 x 9 casebound, 272 pages, tables, figures, references, index

ISBN 1-56368-240-0, $49.95

Assessing Deaf Adults
Critical Issues in Testing and Evaluation

Judith L. Mounty and
David S. Martin, Editors

This volume responds to the high-stakes testing dominating educational policy and professional qualifications, providing a digest of relevant research by educators, legal experts, test developers, and others.

Print Edition
ISBN 1-56368-323-7, $63.25s

7 x 10 casebound, 208 pages, figures, references, index

ISBN 1-56368-334-2, $55.00

The Silents

Charlotte Abrams

Author Charlotte Abrams presents life in Chicago with her sister and her deaf parents, a loving portrayal of how a close Jewish family endured the Depression and World War II despite communication complications.

Print Edition
ISBN 1-56368-055-6, $36.50t

6 x 9 hardcover, 272 pages, photographs

ISBN 1-56368-186-2, $14.95

Disability Protests
Contentious Politics, 1970-1999

Sharon Barnartt
and Richard Scotch

This landmark study offers an incisive, sociological analysis of 30 years of protests, organization, and legislative victories within the deaf and disabled populations.

Print Edition
ISBN 1-56368-112-9, $87.95s

7 x 10 casebound, 256 pages, tables, references, index

ISBN 1-56368-204-4, $49.95

Comparative Studies in Special Education

Kas Mazurek and Margret A. Winzer, Editors

More than 30 local scholars examine education for disabled students in 26 nations, focusing on major issues, controversies, and future trends.

Print Edition
ISBN 1-56368-027-0, $76.00s

7 x 10 casebound, 516 pages, photos, illustrations, tables, author index, subject index

ISBN 1-56368-194-3, $50.62

For “Children Who Vary from the Normal Type”
Special Education in Boston, 1838 – 1930

Robert L. Osgood

Traces the development of education for disabled students in Boston during the 19th-20th centuries, from special classes to today’s debate over inclusion.

Print Edition
ISBN 1-56368-089-0, $61.00s

6 x 9 hardcover, 220 pages, photographs, notes, references, tables, index

ISBN 1-56368-216-8, $40.63

The Study of Signed Languages
Essays in Honor of William C. Stokoe

David F. Armstrong, Michael A. Karchmer, and John Vickrey Van Cleve, Editors

Renowned linguists and anthropologists present fascinating findings on signed languages in honor of the late William C. Stokoe, father of American Sign Language.

Print Edition
ISBN 1-56368-123-4, $72.95s

6 x 9 hardcover, 298 pages, tables, figures, references, index

ISBN 1-56368-187-0, $48.59

Gaillard in Deaf America
A Portrait of the Deaf Community, 1917
Henri Gaillard

Bob Buchanan, Editor
Translated by William Sayers

Deaf French news editor Gaillard traveled to the United States in 1917 and described various deaf communities and institutions in this lively journal.

Print Edition
ISBN 1-56368-122-6, $31.95s

6 x 9 paperback, 152 pages, table, index

ISBN 1-56368-207-9, $21.28

Cognition, Education, and Deafness
Directions for Research and Instruction

David S. Martin, Editor

This book integrates the work of 54 contributors on cognition and deaf students’ growth and development, problem-solving strategies, thinking processes, language development, reading methodology, measurement of potential, and intervention programs.

Print Edition
ISBN 1-56368-149-8, $50.00s

7 x 10 paperback, 248 pages, tables, references, index

ISBN 1-56368-168-4, $33.30


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