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12:10 Thursday, October 21, 2010

Amplify Your Life

A New Self-Help Book for Hard of Hearing and Late-Deafened Adults Presents Information on How to Manage Hearing Loss in a Hearing World

“If you have a hearing loss and are in the working-age population, you have a tough job,” notes Sara Laufer Batinovich, author of the new title Sound Sense: Living and Learning with Hearing Loss. “Every one of your decisions regarding your occupation, your health, your activities, and your relationships is influenced by your hearing loss. It is not an easy way of life. To be integrated in society, to be fully invested in the hearing world, and to maximize your potential takes a lot of energy, planning, flexibility, and creativity.”

In Sound Sense, Sara Laufer Batinovich, who also has lost her hearing, offers information on how to manage hearing loss in the hearing world in a thoroughly upbeat way. Batinovich clarifies that Sound Sense is “a book for people who choose to identify as culturally hearing—people whose primary form of communication is speech and who do not use sign language. As such, it is targeted toward people who have lost enough of their hearing to have experienced interference with their daily activities and relationships, and the stresses and hassles that accompany managing these challenges. Whether a person with a hearing loss calls herself or himself ‘hard of hearing,’ ‘hearing impaired,’ a ‘person with a hearing loss,’ or ‘clinically deaf’—all terms used interchangeably in this book—she or he has chosen to identify with the hearing culture and, as such, has a different set of communication inclinations than someone who chooses to be culturally Deaf.”

Chapter four, Sweat, Pump, Recharge, and Glow: Keeping Your Body Fit, Your Mind at Ease, and Your Ears Happy, characterizes this upbeat, practical handbook. Read it online now, and reserve your copy of Batinovich’s Sound Sense: Living and Learning with Hearing Loss today for 20% off with your exclusive subscriber discount. When ordering online, type “OCT2010” in the box labeled “use promo code” next to the checkout button. You may also reserve a copy by mail.

CHOICE magazine has published a glowing review of  Deaf People Around the World: Educational and Social Perspectives: “While it is heartening to find that there is a greatly increased global awareness of the needs of deaf people, it is disheartening to discover that the oralist/sign language debate continues to the detriment of deaf communities worldwide. Deaf people persist in developing their own sign languages no matter what spoken languages the larger societies impose upon them. Although the technology of cochlear implants has strengthened the oralist and medical perspectives on hearing impairments, there is also increasing recognition of sign languages as valid languages. This book provides insight into the enormously complicated cultural and linguistic challenges (more than 2000 spoken languages in Africa alone) facing children with hearing impairments regardless of the communication method utilized in education. Gallaudet University remains the only university for deaf students in the world. The ‘Father of Deaf Education in Africa,’ Andrew Foster, was the first African American to graduate from Gallaudet. He established 31 schools in 17 different African countries, thereby establishing the importance of higher education for deaf people everywhere. Foster introduced ASL and English-based signs and he left behind educated deaf Africans to teach in these schools. Summing Up: Recommended.” Deaf People Around the World, edited by Donald F. Moores and Margery S. Miller, showcases leading researchers from 30 nations who describe the shared developmental, social, and educational issues facing deaf people filtered through the prism of unique national, regional, ethnic, and racial realities. Read more about this collection, and order your copy now.

In I Fill This Small Space: Writings of a Deaf Activist, editor David Kurs features the best articles and poems by Lawrence Newman—Deaf activist and 1968 California Teacher of the Year—with subjects ranging from communication and language to humorous insights on Newman’s own activities. A reviewer in SIGNews, a newspaper for the signing community, had this to say about Kurs’s efforts: “This book is interesting. I was impressed with a quote that Newman wrote in this book, ‘Education is to deaf people what the Golden Fleece was to Jason in mythology. He was willing to go through many trials and tribulations because if he could get the Golden Fleece, the throne in the kingdom of Greece would be his. If deaf people could get an education, their minds would be set free and the kingdom of the world would be theirs.’ The way I see this book is that it’s good for hearing people who want to work with the deaf. It’s also good for deaf educators. It is even good for hearing parents who are not sure about the education for their deaf child. There are poems by Lawrence close to the end of the book. I enjoyed reading them. I learned some new things from this book regarding deaf education like Least Restrictive Education and Public Law 94-142 (PL 94-142). I would recommend this book to those who are in the deaf education field or those who want to work with the deaf. Hearing parents of deaf children may want to read this book also.” Read “See! See! See! See!” and “Reaction to See! See! See! See! Article,” and order I Fill This Small Space.

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