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Literary Impressions of Deaf Lives

Vivid Glimpses of Deaf American Experiences, 1830–1930

“This volume,” states Christopher Krentz in his foreword to Deaf American Prose, 1830–1930, the second in the Gallaudet Deaf Literature Series, “offers us vivid glimpses of deaf Americans’ experiences between 1830 and 1930. By bringing more writing by deaf authors from this period to light, editors Jennifer L. Nelson and Kristen C. Harmon enable them to communicate with us directly, to offer intriguing views into their lives, opinions, and imaginations.”

In this collection, you will find prose by such eminent figures as Laurent Clerc, who cofounded the first permanent school for deaf students in the nation; Laura Redden Searing, a deaf journalist who interviewed Abraham Lincoln and other leaders during the Civil War; Helen Keller, the famed deaf-blind writer and lecturer who graduated from Radcliffe; Douglas Tilden, a successful sculptor; Albert Ballin, a deaf actor who tried to make his way in Hollywood during the silent film era; and others. “We get to know these people in a new way,” continues Krentz. “Who knew that Tilden, creator of such powerful statuary, had such a quirky sense of humor? Or that Ballin was hit by a car? The volume also introduces a variety of lesser-known talent, each of whom emerges as a distinct individual, demonstrating the rich heterogeneity of the deaf community.”

“The patient reader will find much gold here,” says Krentz. “Deaf American Prose, 1830–1930 teaches us a great deal about the divergent experience among deaf Americans, about deaf history in previous times, and about what deaf Americans have in common. ‘I have met deaf people all over this land, and we all think pretty much alike,’ Dick says in Mickey’s Harvest. This remarkable collection shows that deaf people did not think alike, even if they had much in common. Perhaps most striking about these prose pieces is how often they spark moments of recognition. Despite all differences, we see the dazzling power of the written word to take us out of our own busy times and to connect us to the lives of others who came before.”

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Reference and Research Book News published this review about Sherry Shaw’s Service Learning in Interpreter Education: Strategies for Extending Student Involvement in the Deaf Community stating: “Shaw shows how insight from experiential learning studies in other fields can be applied to students of interpreting. People studying to be interpreters should be immersed in the Deaf community not only to learn sign language, she says, but also to absorb the values and customs of the community. Among her topics are modifying the curriculum: alliance with the Deaf community; course development: logistics and structure; teaching academic reflection; Deaf community perspectives: reciprocity and collaboration; and case studies in interpreter education.” Service Learning in Interpreter Education introduces and develops the concept of service learning as a tool for re-centering the Deaf community in interpreter education for the purpose of extending student involvement beyond field experience such as internships or practicums. Read a case study, and order Service Learning in Interpreter Education, volume six in the Interpreter Education series, online or by mail.

In another review, Reference and Research Book News highlights Signed Language Interpreting in Brazil, stating: “Ten years ago, a law recognized Brazilian Sign Language, Libras, as a national language, and in 2005, a formal process was created for educating sign language interpreters and sign language translators. Both signed and spoken undergraduate and graduate courses in interpretation and translation were soon offered nationwide, and related research has blossomed. Some of that research is described here, in chapters on mapping Libras interpretation research in the context of translation studies, cognitive control in intermodal bilingual interpreters, the work of the Brazilian sign language interpreter in high schools, gender and sign language interpretation, and other topics.” Read more about this ninth volume in the Studies in Interpretation series in chapter six, and order Signed Language Interpreting in Brazil online or by mail.

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