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4:4 Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Flash to the Future

America's Bestselling ASL Dictionary
Complemented by Flash Cards

If you're looking for another way to learn American Sign Language (ASL), try the American Sign Language Handshape Flash Cards. Tailored after the bestselling American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary, the flash cards provide a fun instructional approach to learning and reviewing ASL. Each set of flash cards contains 250 essential ASL signs, along with their associated English vocabulary. The signs are organized by handshape, from A to Open 8. Within each handshape category, the 1-hand signs precede the 2-hand signs. The cards are numbered consecutively so that they can be put back in order easily.

The American Sign Language Handshape Flash Cards can be used to teach new signs or to review signs students have already learned. The cards can be used with the entire class, in small groups, or by students working in pairs. Order your set of the American Sign Language Handshape Flash Cards today and take advantage of your exclusive subscriber discount.

Gallaudet University Press is now the publisher of the venerable journal the American Annals of the Deaf. The official journal of the Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf (CEASD) and the Convention of American Instructors of the Deaf (CAID), the American Annals of the Deaf has published seminal articles since it was founded in 1847. For more than 150 years this distinctive professional periodical has presented faithfully the various developments and debates on deaf education.

The four literary issues of the Annals cover a full spectrum of topics, including cochlear implants in prelingually deaf children; the use of signs and manual communication; psycholinguistics and deafness; and instructional technology for educating deaf and hard of hearing students. The reference issue features comprehensive listings of educational programs for deaf and hard of hearing students, university and college programs in deaf education, and more. You can subscribe to the Annals here.

Deaf Children in China is a considerable academic achievement and interesting, compelling reading, praises the British journal Deafness and Education International in its March 2002 issue. The accolades continue: This review cannot do justice to the richness of information and ideas in this book and you do not need to be going to China to learn from it. The book stimulates reflection about our own approaches to families with young deaf children. And there is particular relevance to current cultural issues associated with supporting our ethnic minority families. An excellent book. Read the journal's review in its entirety and chapter six of Deaf Children in China, Letters to Zhou Hong, and place your order for Alison Callaway's Deaf Children in China today. 

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