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7:4 Friday, April 22, 2005

Interpreting Through a Different Lens

The Second Volume in the Studies in Interpretation Series

The Series continues with volume 2, Attitudes, Innuendo, and Regulators: Challenges of Interpretation, edited by Melanie Metzger and Earl Fleetwood. The editors originally proposed this series for students, practitioners, consumers, researchers, and educators, both as an avenue for sharing information and for reading the findings of other researchers. Metzger and Fleetwood explain that, “Volume 1, From Topic Boundaries to Omission, was international in scope, containing chapters devoted to a variety of topics, focusing on both monologic and interactive interpretation of both spoken and signed languages. Volume 2 adds to this eclectic theme, with studies of interpreting from scholars in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Although volume 2 is divided into two sections like the first volume, it looks at interpreting through a different lens. The first section focuses on working conditions and the second on interpreting practice.”

In Part I of Attitudes, Innuendo, and Regulators, Maree Madden examines occupational overuse syndrome in signed language interpreters in Australia, an area often overlooked in the realm of interpretation, and particularly signed language interpretation. Lawrence Forestal follows by examining another aspect of interpretation that is frequently overlooked: consumers. In Part II, author Shaun Tray provides an in-depth description of innuendo and its function in interaction, whereas Susan M. Mather and Frank J. Harrington focus on interpretation specifically in educational contexts.

Read an excerpt from What Are You Suggesting? Interpreting Innuendo Between ASL and English by Shaun Tray, and order Attitudes, Innuendo, and Regulators at your exclusive subscriber discount of 20% off the regular price.

In Edmund Booth: Deaf Pioneer, author Harry G. Lang follows the amazing career of Edmund Booth and his equally amazing wife, Mary Ann Walworth Booth, in fascinating detail. A recent review in SIGNews recognized Lang’s significant work: “Edmund Booth: Deaf Pioneer is a superlative biography not only because it was written by a fine historian, but it also receives loving care in the hands of a deaf historian. Lang masterfully weaves the words of his subject with a narrative that does not obscure the people it is about, but urges them forward to tell their stories themselves with Lang serving as master of ceremonies. He also lingers here and there in admiration of the hallmarks of nineteenth-century American history, all of which bear the handprint of an unforgettable giant.” Learn more about this American original and the pioneer days as seen through Deaf eyes in chapter five, “The Making of a Forty-Niner”, and order Edmund Booth.

The fourth volume in the Gallaudet Classics in Deaf Studies series, Sweet Bells Jangled, edited by Judy Yaeger Jones and Jane E. Vallier, features more than 70 poems by Civil War poet Laura Redden Searing. At first writing under the pseudonym Howard Glyndon, this young deaf poet exploded onto the public scene with her patriotic poems. But her poetry was more than that, exploring every aspect of life during her time. In a review from Disability Studies Quarterly, the reviewer notes, “Sweet Bells Jangled is subtitled A Deaf Poet Restored, and the timing is perfect to reintroduce the war poet to American political, literary, and cultural life. The volume contains 82 selected poems, some that address themes of war, gender, and disability in ways that shed an odd light on America’s current state of affairs.” Read an excerpt from the “epic poem” of the same name and order Sweet Bells Jangled.

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