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7:8 Tuesday, August 16, 2005

“So How Are You Planning to Communicate with Your Little Girl?”

The Story of A Father and His Deaf Daughter

In Deaf Daughter, Hearing Father, Richard Medugno recounts the remarkable story of his family’s journey during the past fourteen years after learning that his daughter was deaf. Medugno begins by stating, “When I first learned that my daughter was profoundly deaf, I read many books; one that I appreciated a good deal was Deaf Like Me written by Thomas S. Spradley and James P. Spradley. I appreciated the anecdotal experiences detailed in the book by the father about his young hearing family and his deaf daughter.

“I’ve learned a few helpful things in the past decade or so that I want to share; but mostly what I hope to accomplish with this book is to give parents of newly identified deaf children, particularly fathers, access to my experiences and a real idea about what it means to have a deaf child in the family. Hopefully, this information will provide perspective, help other parents avoid my pitfalls, and provide a bit of guidance on how to raise a kid who has a different communication mode than the rest of the family. Ultimately, the message I want to convey in this book is that there are numerous challenges for a hearing parent with a deaf child; but facing the obstacles will lead to rewards that will be far greater than any you have ever hoped for or could have imagined.”

Read chapter 2 “So How Are You Planning to Communicate with Your Little Girl” to learn how Medugno researched the best communication method for his daughter. And, take advantage of your exclusive subscriber discount when you order Deaf Daughter, Hearing Father.

Recently, Gina A. Oliva’s Alone in the Mainstream: A Deaf Woman Remembers Public School garnered the following acclaim from Hearing Loss: The Journal of Self Help for Hard of Hearing People: “Alone in the Mainstream is a fresh, comprehensive book about mainstreamed education. Fresh because Gina Oliva personalizes her own story; and comprehensive because she mixes in the viewpoints of others who themselves were products of mainstreamed education in basic human terms that all of us can understand.” The full review is available online. In Alone in the Mainstream, the inaugural volume of the Deaf Lives series, author Gina A. Oliva combines her personal experiences with a survey of deaf and hard of hearing former public school students to describe what it was like to be the only deaf pupil in the school. Matching her findings from the project with current research on deaf students in public schools, Oliva confirmed that hearing teachers are ill-prepared to teach deaf pupils, they don’t know much about hearing loss, and they frequently underestimate deaf children. Read chapter 1 “Beginnings”, and order Alone in the Mainstream.

In its summer 2005 issue, Disability Studies Quarterly published a glowing review of Deaf Hearing Boy: A Memoir by R. H. Miller stating, “This book is an excellent source for those who are curious about the lives of deaf people in the years prior to, during World War II, and afterwards. For the lay reader, it opens the door to better understanding of such lives. Overall, readers will find this book enjoyable, educational, fascinating, and probably emotional. This book can be considered as a supplemental reading for Deaf Culture, Deaf History and Family Communication courses. This book would be also helpful for deaf parents who have just had hearing babies so they can better understand the emotions their own children may go through. Naturally, children of deaf adults (CODAs) will enjoy this book, knowing they are not alone.” In Deaf Hearing Boy: A Memoir, the second volume in the Deaf Lives series, author R. H. Miller, the oldest of four hearing boys born to deaf parents, recounts the complex dynamics at work in his family, including the generational conflicts in which he found himself caught in the middle. Read chapter 7, and order Deaf Hearing Boy.

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