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8:2 Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Traveling a Different Path

A Young Boy Journeys from India to America
in the Fourth Volume in the Deaf Lives Series

“In the early morning hours of January 5, 1952,” reminisces Madan Vasishta, author of Deaf in Delhi: A Memoir, “my life changed forevermore.” It was at that time that an 11-year-old Vasishta, who had been sick with the mumps and typhoid fever for two weeks, became deaf. After waking suddenly during the middle of the night, he called out to his mother. When she didn’t come right away, he called again. Finally, she arrived. She lit a lamp and walked toward while him talking, but he heard no sound. Vasishta recalls this life-altering moment: “‘Why are you not using your voice?’ I began screaming. My mother, her face bewildered, kept moving her lips without using any voice. My heart pounded and my head hurt. My hands found my face and I felt it wet with tears. Suddenly, I understood.”

Deaf in Delhi, the fourth volume in the Deaf Lives series, recounts the life of Madan Vasishta as a young boy in India, from his experiences in Delhi to his journey to America. You can read more about Vasishta’s life experiences in chapter 4 “Other Cures,” and order Deaf in Delhi online now. By typing “FEB0620%” in the box marked “Comments or Special Instructions” below your credit card information, you’ll be sure to receive your exclusive 20% subscriber discount. You may also order by mail.

Traditionally, education of the deaf has been separate from general education and even from what has been considered special education. The primary focus in many deaf education programs has been the development of articulate speech and of English skills, predominantly through the spoken word but also to some extent through reading and writing. In Deaf Learners: Developments in Curriculum and Instruction, 17 renowned international scholars address common issues and realities that deaf children, their parents, and the professionals serving them must face in improving educational services and outcomes. Among these realities are the facts that most deaf children have the intellectual potential for high achievement but usually start the educational process without mastery over either a spoken or signed language. Read more about this groundbreaking collection from the editors, Donald F. Moores and David S. Martin, in the overview, and order Deaf Learners today.

The Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education applauds Gina A. Oliva’s Alone in the Mainstream: A Deaf Woman Remembers Public School: “It  highlights for parents, educators, and Deaf people important personal perspectives and the satisfaction that can be embodied in developing and living a ‘Deaf life,’ while being effectively engaged in a largely hearing world.” The full review is available online. In the inaugural volume that launched the Deaf Lives series, author Gina A. Oliva combines her personal experiences with a survey of deaf and hard of hearing former public school students to describe what it was like to be the only deaf pupil in the school. Matching her findings from the project with current research on deaf students in public schools, Oliva confirmed that hearing teachers are ill-prepared to teach deaf pupils, they don’t know much about hearing loss, and they frequently underestimate deaf children. Read chapter 1 “Beginnings”, and order Alone in the Mainstream.

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