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8:6 Thursday, June 22, 2006

“The Struggle Is Far From Over”

Gaining Equality in Telecommunications for
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Americans

“The struggle of people who are deaf and hard of hearing to gain meaningful access to telecommunications products and services over the past three decades is a complex and poignant story,” notes William E. Kennard, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 1997-2001. “Like other major movements to advance human rights, it is a story of great triumphs and painful defeats; headline-grabbing drama and behind-the-scenes deal-making; a few celebrated leaders, and many, many, unsung heroes. At last, we have a comprehensive chronicle of this movement.”

In A New Civil Right: Telecommunications Equality for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Americans, author Karen Peltz Strauss, a leading telecommunications policy advocate in Washington, DC, examines how and why these changes took place when they did. Strauss chronicles the forty-year history of the access movement while providing an insider’s perspective on how these successes were achieved, including strategies used and compromises made. She analyzes the forces within the deaf community that led to these developments, and the fascinating interplay of politics, policy, and marketplace pressures. As past FCC Chairman Kennard reminds us, “Much has been accomplished, but the struggle is far from over.”

View the table of contents, and read chapter nine to learn more about the introduction of closed captioning. Order A New Civil Right online and receive 20% off the regular price by typing “JUNE0620%” in the “Comments or Special Instructions” box below your credit card information. You may also order by mail.

R.H. Miller’s Deaf Hearing Boy: A Memoir, the second volume in the Deaf Lives series, was selected by Kentucky Educational Television (KET), Lexington, KY as the book of the month for March 2006. During the program, Miller, Emeritus Professor of English who recently retired from the English and Humanities programs at the University of Louisville, KY, gives us insight as to why he penned his affectionate and revealing memoir, while a panel of authors discuss his not-so-normal and sometimes complicated life as the oldest of four hearing boys born to deaf parents. The full program, complete with transcripts and video, is available online. You can also read chapter 7 “A New Life (1951-1953),” and order Deaf Hearing Boy.

Recently, the Midwest Book Review published a glowing review of Martha Sheridan’s Inner Lives of Deaf Children: Interviews and Analysis proclaiming, “Outstanding for its exclusive perspective and invaluable documentation of a deaf child’s struggles in contemporary society, Inner Lives of Deaf Children is an invaluable and seminal collection of studies and research into the psychology, lifestyle, and personal adaptation of deaf children. Inner Lives of Deaf Children is very strongly recommended to parents, teachers, social workers, counselors and anyone else involved in the lives of deaf children.” Now in paperback, Inner Lives of Deaf Children provides a comprehensive look at how a variety of educational environments, communication systems, and family situations affect the lives of deaf and hard of hearing children. Read an excerpt from chapter 8 “Lisa,” and place your order here.

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