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9:1 Thursday, January 18, 2007

Illuminating History Through A Deaf Lens

The Deaf Community Views America from a
Unique and Fascinating Perspective

History Through Deaf Eyes, an exhibition based on the lives of deaf people in the United States, toured the country from 2001 to 2006. During its twelve-city tour, more than 415,000 people visited the exhibit and learned of the struggles and triumphs of the Deaf community, a cultural, linguistic minority within the larger hearing population. At each opening of History Through Deaf Eyes, visitors asked, “Where’s the book?” It will be published at the same time as the airing of the public television documentary on Wednesday, March 21, 2007.

In the book Through Deaf Eyes: A Photographic History of an American Community, authors Douglas Baynton, Jack Gannon, and Jean Lindquist Bergey selected more than 200 images that reveal in subtle and obvious ways something about the lives of deaf people and the collective experiences of the Deaf community. As noted by the authors, “The photographs come from multiple archives held at schools for deaf children and by individual collectors. For each image presented, dozens more did not make it into the book. Still, there are many holes in the photographic record. It is our hope that this book will prompt more people to come forward with their collections and stories to fill the historical gaps that remain.”

Delve further into this unique and fascinating perspective on the value of human difference by viewing the table of contents, and reading both the preface and chapter one of Through Deaf Eyes. Order Through Deaf Eyes online or by mail at a savings of 20% off the regular price with your exclusive subscriber discount. For online orders, type “JAN0720%” in the “Comments or Special Instructions” box below your credit card information.

I was motherless and deafened at a young age,” writes Paul Jacobs, author of Neither—Nor: A Young Australian’s Experience With Deafness. “From a certain viewpoint, this double whammy is tragic. Yet, from another angle, I have been granted another perspective. I am continually presented with challenges able-bodied hearing people may never experience. Like a gym junkie, I get enormous satisfaction in meeting these daily tests; they keep my soul strong, taut, and trim. I take great pride in this spiritual mettle.”

In the fifth volume in the Deaf Lives series, Jacobs tells of searching in Australia and Europe for an identity that has yet to be invented. Read part of the first chapter, “My Life Wasn’t Supposed to Begin This Way”, and learn more about the man who declares, “I am neither—nor. I am neither hearing nor Deaf. That’s the way I like it.” Order Neither—Nor today, and save 20% off the regular price online or by mail. For online orders, type “JAN0720%” in the “Comments or Special Instructions” box below your credit card information.

The Midwest Book Review recently touted the new, cross-disciplinary collection edited by Brenda Jo Brueggemann and Susan Burch: “Women and Deafness: Double Visions is an anthology of essays by learned authors discussing deafness and deaf identity in the context of women’s studies, and vice versa. Pieces contemplate why Helen Keller, perhaps the most famous deaf woman of all, is remembered primarily as a champion specifically of the blind; the issue of mothers raising their children according to oralist dictates ‘like ordinary hearing children’; the significance and impact of the Deaf American Beauty Pageant, and much more. A welcome and much-needed contribution addressing serious gaps in both women’s studies and deaf studies reference shelves.” In Women and Deafness, a collection of 14 scholars bridge two dynamic fields, Women’s Studies and Deaf Studies, with various chapters on deaf women photographers, analysis of films with deaf women characters, the significance of deaf beauty pageants, and more. Read more about this new collection in a chapter from part three, and order Women and Deafness here.

The early bird registration for the 150 Years on Kendall Green: Celebrating Deaf History and Gallaudet conference ends February 15, 2007. Register now and save 20% to attend this seminal event taking place on April 11–13, 2007 at the Kellogg Conference Hotel at Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C. Keynote presenters include James M. McPherson, Professor Emeritus of Princeton University and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his book Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era, and Paddy Ladd of the University of Bristol. The conference will also feature many other respected scholars making up an extraordinary ensemble of presenters. Together, they promise to offer an insightful foray into the remarkable history of the founding of Kendall Green and its growth into the most important university for Deaf people worldwide. For more information and to register now, go to http://gupress.gallaudet.edu/gupiconference/index.html or contact Wendy Grande at wendy.grande@gallaudet.edu.

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