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9:7 Thursday, July 19, 2007

“A Welcomed Summary”

Journal Heralds First Hand Account of the Legal Movement
Toward Access for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Americans

The Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education published a glowing review of A New Civil Right: Telecommunications Equality for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Americans by Karen Peltz Strauss, a leading telecommunications policy advocate in Washington, DC. “A New Civil Right is a welcomed summary of the last half century’s battles and breakthroughs by deaf and hearing people in the United States for local, state, and federal legislation. [Strauss] provides firsthand details of the legislative movement toward telephone and television (captioning) and the access.” Read the full review here.

In A New Civil Right, Karen Peltz Strauss examines how and why these changes took place when they did. Strauss chronicles the forty-year history of the access movement while providing an insider’s perspective on how these successes were achieved, including strategies used and compromises made. She analyzes the forces within the deaf community that led to these developments, and the fascinating interplay of politics, policy, and marketplace pressures.

View the table of contents, and read chapter nine to learn more about the introduction of closed captioning. Order A New Civil Right online and receive 20% off the regular price by typing “JUL0720%” in the “Comments or Special Instructions” box below your credit card information. You may also order by mail.

Author Jan Kare Breivik’s Deaf Identities in the Making: Local Lives, Transnational Connections received acknowledgment in the Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research: “This book is highly interesting. It represents a very good introduction to, and a sensible and trustworthy analysis of, a world that is unfamiliar to most people outside the deaf community. The book is also a valuable contribution to the understanding of modern identity as something constantly in the making and, as such, it is also a valuable contribution to social sciences in general.”

Deafness and Education International also published an excellent review of Deaf Identities in the Making stating, “This is a valuable book for Deaf and hearing readers who wish to know more about what it means to be Deaf. It will be useful for teachers and students of deaf studies, sign sociolinguistics, as well as sociology and social anthropology. It is highly readable and accessible, and above all interesting, and could appeal to the general Deaf reader as well as the scholar or teacher.” This revolutionary book is based on anthropological research among deaf Norwegians, with a focus upon their life stories. Profiles of ten Norwegian Deaf people living within a translocal/transnational framework depict how core questions of identity are approached from different deaf points of view. Read chapter 1 and order your copy today.

Deaf Women’s Lives: Three Self-Portraits is an absorbing read, with stories of three different deaf women from three different eras,” states SIGNews in a recent review. “Each woman’s life story brings a unique perspective on the experience of being deaf and female.” The full review is available online. In Deaf Women’s Lives, the third volume in the Deaf Lives series, “Bainy Cyrus, Frances M. Parsons, and Eileen Katz (with Celeste Cheyney) claim writing as their own in this triple-text memoir of deaf women’s lives,” notes series editor Brenda Jo Bruegemann. “The three authors featured in this autobiographical triptych all grew up and became young adults—as deaf/hard-of-hearing persons and as women—in different times, circumstances, and locations. Each of their memoirs is unique. Yet they share a common quality; each confirms the others’ experiences. These are remarkable women. These are remarkable writers. These are remarkable deaf people. They all relate narratives that are consumed by—and created with—writing, with words, and with a rich and yet sometimes troubled journey into and through literacy in print and spoken languages.” Read an excerpt from this unique collection from Bainy Cyrus’s All Eyes, and order Deaf Women’s Lives here.

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