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Deaf History and Culture in Spain
A Reader of Primary Documents

Benjamin Fraser, Editor and Translator
Foreword by Sam Supalla

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Selected Time Line of Deaf History in Spain

     Samuel J. Supalla

Notes on the Translations



Part I: The Birth of Oralism and Deafness as Metaphor

Book of Consolations of Human Life (early 1400s)
     Pedro de Luna (Benedict XIII)
Grove of the Infirm (1455–60)
     Teresa de Cartagena
Legal Treatise on Deaf-mutes (1550)
     Licenciado Lasso
Simplification of the Letters of the Alphabet and Method of Teaching
     Deaf-mutes to Speak (1620)
     Juan Pablo Bonet
Dedication to Bonet’s Simplification (1620)
     Lope de Vega Carpio
“Letter to Juan Pablo Bonet, His Majesty’s Secretary” (1620)
     Lope de Vega Carpio
Dedication to Bonet in Jorge Toledano (1621)
     Lope de Vega Carpio
Marvels of Nature (1629)
     Manuel Ramírez de Carrión
“Discourse 14, Volume 4,” Teatro crítico (1730)
     Benito Jerónimo Feijóo y Montenegro
“On the Invention of the Art of Teaching the Mute to Speak” (1751)
     Benito Jerónimo Feijóo y Montenegro
“News on the Subject of the Above Letter” (1752)
     Benito Jerónimo Feijóo y Montenegro
“Historical Introduction” (1890)
     A. Farrar

Part II: The Return to Deaf Education

The Spanish School of Deaf-mutes, or Method of Teaching
     Them to Write and Speak the Spanish Language
     Lorenzo Hervás y Panduro
“In Support of Deaf-mutes” (1795)
     José Miguel Alea
“Speech Delivered on the Opening of the Royal School of Deaf-mutes,
     the Afternoon of the Sixteenth of October of 1814”
     Tiburcio Hernández
Five Months in the United States of North America, from the
     Twentieth of April to the Twenty-third of September of 1835

     Ramón de la Sagra
The Silent World: Essays for the
     Dissemination of the Problems of Deaf-muteness
     Alvaro López Núñez
The Deaf-mutes of Madrid (1915)
     Miguel Gómez Cano

Part III: The Contemporary Deaf Experience

Isle of Silence (1978)
     Inés Polo Merino
“Deaf People and Deaf-mutes” (1981)
     Félix-Jesús Pinedo Peydró
“Postlingually Deaf People” (1981)
     Félix-Jesús Pinedo Peydró
“Hearing in Madrid” (1984)
     Félix-Jesús Pinedo Peydró
“The Deaf Can Now Request Interpreters!” (1986)
     Félix-Jesús Pinedo Peydró
Prologue to the Spanish Edition (1994) of Seeing Voices
     Oliver Sacks
“On the Right of Deaf Persons to Accessible Television, 1” (1997)
     José Gabriel Storch de Gracia y Asensio
“The Right to Our Sign Language” (1999)
     José Gabriel Storch de Gracia y Asensio
“The Fundamental Right to Communication” (1999)
     José Gabriel Storch de Gracia y Asensio

Part IV: The Recognition of Deaf Language and Culture

Sign Language (1992)
     María Ángeles Rodríguez González
“Spanish Sign Language (LSE): A True Language” (1995)
     Félix-Jesús Pinedo Peydró
Sociological and Cultural Traits of Deaf People (2000)
     Amparo Minguet Soto
“Sign Languages, Signs of Culture” (2000)
     Ángel Herrero Blanco

Part V: Selection of Deaf Poetry

“From My Lighthouse of Silence” (1980)
     José Luis Marroquín
“I Want to Scream!” (1980)
     Daniel Alvarez Reyes
“The Voice of Deaf People” (1981)
     Manuel Gamez Quintana
“My Silence” (1981)
     Félix-Jesús Pinedo Peydró
“Integration of Deaf People” (1986)
     Inés Polo Merino
“We Spit on Marginalization” (1986)
     Pablo Jesús Sesma Valles
“A Call to Society” (1989)
     Rakel Rodríguez Castrejón
“For My Hearing Daughters” (1980)
“For Inés Polo” (1995)


Benjamin Fraser is Assistant Professor of Spanish at Christopher Newport University, Newport News, VA.

ISBN 1-56368-419-5, 978-1-56368-419-7, 7 x 10 casebound, 260 pages, photographs, references, index


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