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The Deaf History Reader

John Vickrey Van Cleve, Editor

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1 Genesis of a Community: The American Deaf Experience in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Harry G. Lang

2 Hearing with the Eye: The Rise of Deaf Education in the United States
Barry A. Crouch and Brian H. Greenwald

3 Origins of the American Deaf-World: Assimilating and Differentiating Societies and Their Relation to Genetic Patterning
Harlan Lane, Richard C. Pillard, and Mary French

4 Mary Ann Walworth Booth
Jill Hendricks Porco

5 A Tale of Two Schools: The Indiana Institution and the Evansville Day School, 18791912
Michael Reis

6 The Academic Integration of Deaf Children: A Historical Perspective
John Vickrey Van Cleve

7 Taking Stock: Alexander Graham Bell and Eugenics, 18831922
Brian H. Greenwald

8 Deaf Autonomy and Deaf Dependence: The Early Years of the Pennsylvania Society for the Advancement of the Deaf
Reginald Boyd and John Vickrey Van Cleve

9 The Chicago Mission for the Deaf
Kent R. Olney



John Vickrey Van Cleve is former Professor of History at Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.

ISBN 1-56368-359-8, 978-1-56368-359-6, 6 x 9 paperback, 256 pages, figures, tables, references, index


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