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Deaf in DC
A Memoir

Madan Vasishta

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The Ninth Volume in the Deaf Lives Series


1.   The Story So Far…
2.   Arrival in America
3.   The Cafeteria
4.   Prep or Freshman?
5.   American “Football”
6.   First Day of Classes
7.   Teachers and Students
8.   Reading Palms
9.   Learning American English
10. Learning Sign Language
11. Being Alone in a Crowd
12. Cultural Abyss
13. Back to Photography
14. The Missing Bag
15. Progress in Classes
16. The First Thanksgiving
17. Strange American Traditions
18. The First Christmas in America
19. Managing Finances
20. The Foreign Students Group
21. Fort Gallaudet
22. Education Outside the Classroom
23. Seeing America
24. Travels in America
25. A Week with Hippies
26. Other Adventures
27. My First Car
28. Starting Graduate School
29. Visiting India
30. Plans to Return to India
31. Challenges in Teaching
32. Nirmala’s Arrival
33. Setting Up Home
34. Acculturating Nirmala
35. Settling Down in America
36. The Four Dictionaries
37. Moving On
38. The Career Ladder
39. Advice—Good and Bad
40. Weeds Theory
41. Deaf President Now!
42. The National Conference on Education of the Deaf in a Time Warp
43. Moving up the Ladder
44. Terms of Impairment
45. Up in Smoke!
46. The Communication Revolution
47. There Is More…


Madan Vasishta is a former associate professor in the Department of Administration and Supervision at Gallaudet University.

Print Edition: ISBN 978-1-56368-481-4, 6 x 9 paperback, 192 pages, photographs


E-Book: ISBN 978-1-56368-482-1


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