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Deaf People Around the World
Educational and Social Perspectives

Donald F. Moores and
Margery S. Miller, Editors

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Part 1: Asia/Pacific
     Deaf Education and the Deaf Community in Australia
     Desmond Power

     Deaf Education and the Deaf Community in China:
     Past, Present, and Future
     Kathryn Johnson, Richard Lytle, and Yang Jun Hui

     Postsecondary Education for Deaf People in China
     Patricia A. Mudgett-DeCaro and James J. DeCaro

     Deafness in India
     Madan M. Vasishta

     Educating Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
     in New Zealand
     Connie Mayer, Christine Miller, and Ian Cocks

     Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
     in Singapore
     Fred R. Mangrubang

     Deaf Education in South Korea
     Sung-Kyu Choi

Part 2: Middle East and Africa

     Deaf Education in Israel
     Tova Most, Amatzia Weisel, and Shay Ezrachi

     Perspectives and Reviews on Deafness in the State
     of Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates
     Yasser A. Al-Hilawani

     Education of the Deaf in South Africa
     Claudine Storbeck, Lucas Magongwa, and Ingrid Parkin

     Deafness in Sub-Saharan Africa
     Nassozi B. Kiyaga and Donald F. Moores

Part 3: Europe

     The Flemish Deaf Community and the Challenge of Breaking
     Through Barriers in the Educational System
     Goedele De Clerck

     Trends and Developments in Deaf Education in Germany
     Klaus Günther, Johannes Hennies, and
     Manfred Hintermair

     The Education of Deaf Children in Greece
     Venetta Lampropoulou

     The Deaf Community in Spain:
     Historical Perspectives, Educational Opportunities,
     and the Consolidation of Sign Language
     Aníbal Puente Ferreras, Jesús M. Alvarado Izquierdo, and
     Marian Valmaseda Balanzategui

     The Situation for the Deaf in Sweden
     Gunilla Preisler

     Deaf Education and the Status of Deaf People
     in the United Kingdom
     Jim Kyle and Paddy Ladd

Part 4: North and South America

     Educational-Historical Aspects in the Brazilian Context
     Ana Cristina Guarinello, Ana Paula Santana, Ana Paula
     Berberian, and Giselle De Athayde Massi

     Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Learners in Canada
     Connie Mayer, C. Tane Akamatsu, Mary Ann Bibby,
     Janet J. Jamieson, and Raymond LeBlanc

     The Situation of the Deaf in Chile
     Valeria Herrera, Aníbal Puente Ferreras, and Jesús M.
     Alvarado Izquierdo

     Deafness in Jamaica
     Ownali N. Mohomedali

     The United States of America
     Donald F. Moores, Margery S. Miller, and
     Edward Corbett

Part 5: International Developments

     A Partnership Between the Nippon Foundation and the
     National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute
     of Technology (United States)

     James J. DeCaro

     Inclusion in an International Context
     Merv Hyde

     International Committee of Sports for the Deaf and Deaflympics
     Donalda K. Ammons

     The World Federation of the Deaf
     Roslyn Rosen

     Concluding Observations
     Donald F. Moores and Margery S. Miller



Donald F. Moores is Professor, Department of Exceptional Student and Deaf Education, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida.

Margery S. Miller is Associate Dean, Enrollment Management, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.

ISBN 1-56368-410-1, 978-1-56368-410-4, 7 x 10 casebound, 416 pages, photographs, figures, tables, references, index


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