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From Topic Boundaries to Omission: New Research on Interpretation
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photo 6.10. T-1 after signing today, with handclasp at unpredicted but potential boundary

54 What problems am I gonna have ta face? (voice inflection)

photo 6.11. handclasp at unpredicted but potential boundary

55 Whats gonna happen if I fail at the challenges facing me?

photo 6.12. handclasp at unpredicted but potential boundary

figure 6.5 cont.

One example of handclasp in this interpretation occurs after the filled pause “got it?” feature between lines 35 and 36 (see Figure 6.6), where the moral of the bricklayer story is presented. This marker occurs at one of our predicted boundaries, between lines 35 and 36. The interpreter signs open hands, with eye gaze straight ahead and brows up, and then moves to the handclasp.

35 or do you always keep in the forefront of your mind (point to head) a vision of your beautiful cathedral?

photo 6.13a                                                photo 6.13b

36 Our minds are every powerful tools.

figure 6.6

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