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From Topic Boundaries to Omission: New Research on Interpretation
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Another example of a filled pause occurs at the end of line 168 (see Figure 6.9), which presents the moral of the story about the college student and his grades. Line 169 is the beginning of the story about the three teachers. A two-hand open palms sign is used to indicate the boundary; this sign is held for 19 frames.

168 The only thing that had changed were his expectations.

photo 6.16

169 Another example of how powerful expectations are in the determining events

figure 6.9

The “got it?” feature described above for I-2 appears in T-2 but not at our identified boundaries; it appears in four other places that, as in the interpretation, mark possible boundaries, even though we did not initially identify them as boundaries. This feature needs further investigation.

Target Texts Produced by Interpreter 3: Interpretation 3 (I-3) and Transliteration 3 (T-3)

i n t e r p r e t a t i o n   3 (I-3)

Interpretation 3 showed a pattern very similar to the first two interpretations. Of the 20 major topic boundaries that we identified, the extralinguistic pause referred to as handclasp occurred at 15 of them. The features that Interpreter 3’s strategy typically comprised included the following:

  • handclasp produced at chest
  • Head makes a single nod down preceding the pause
  • Torso returns to pause in center space
  • Shoulders and torso make a single downward movement preceding the pause
  • Eyes are down in “thought”
In the conclusion section, we briefly address the question of interpreters’ individual styles. Each used the same handclasp strategy, but for each, the specific features that made it up were slightly different.

An example of handclasp occurs between lines 12 and 13 of the transcript (see Figure 6.10) where the text shifts from a listing of resources for the presentation to the telling of a story.

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