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From Topic Boundaries to Omission: New Research on Interpretation
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12 and finally, Peace, Love and Feeling, by Dr. Bernie S. Seagal.

photo 6.17

13 Id like to begin by telling you a story.

figure 6.10

At four of the other boundaries we identified, some other form of marking strategy (usually a filled pause) occurred. But at one boundary, only a shift in space marked the boundary; this marker is a prosodic pause. Between lines 45 and 46 (see Figure 6.11), the presenter finishes defining self-talk and begins to describe how to change ones perspective. At the end of line 45, the signing is directed to the front and center; at the beginning of line 46, the direction is shifted toward the right where the discussion of the negative self-talk is presented. Although this change of direction is not a clear shift, it becomes more salient by line 47 when the signing direction shifts to the left to present the discussion about shifting to positive self-talk. This use of space occurs in a few more places in the interpretation. It will be an interesting avenue of future research.

45 that what you tell yourself is very likely to become your reality.

photo 6.18

46 Well, if this is true,

photo 6.19a                                                 photo 6.19b

47 how do we turn our negative self-chatter into powerful I can messages?

figure 6.11

The third of our identified boundaries is marked by a multiple head nod that draws attention to the idea just stated in line 82 (see Figure 6.12). Depending on whether one identifies the multiple head nod as a meaningful sign or a prosodic feature, this marker would be either a filled pause or a prosodic pause. We have categorized it as a filled pause. And at the fourth boundary, a filled pause occurs with the holding of the final sign and a look at the audience. This pause is very similar to some of the filled pauses used in I-1 and I-2.

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