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From Topic Boundaries to Omission: New Research on Interpretation
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82 as most negative emotions are.

photo 6.20

83 Fear is the biggest inhibitor of us acting upon our dream and living our lives fully.

figure 6.12

Only one of our boundaries was unmarked in I-3. Between lines 50 and 51, we had identified a boundary before the example introduced in line 51 (see Figure 6.13). Although a major boundary between these two lines was not indicated in the target, a marker occurs immediately following the introduction of an example. Interpreter 3 signs wait-hold-on using her nondominant left hand, then she pauses using the handclasp strategy.

50 you have a head start on seeing the world in a positive way.

photo 6.21

46 For example,

photo 6.22

when you first wake up in the morning,

figure 6.13

This sign strategy is interesting to note because Interpreter 3 has shifted dominance, another prosodic marker in ASL (Winston, 2000). Interpreter 2 also used dominance shift as a discourse marker, emphasizing specific signs within a topic.

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