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From Topic Boundaries to Omission: New Research on Interpretation
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appendix 6.A

Transcription—Living Fully

1     Welcome, to what I hope will be an opportunity for personal growth to all who join me today.
2     My name is Jenna Cassell,
3     and in my life, I’ve assumed several different titles and numerous roles,
4     but, today, I simply wish to share with you some exciting ideas in order to help us all to grow.
5     For when we open ourselves to growth at a personal level, we enhance our ability to more fully experience our lives.
6     These ideas come from many rich sources;
7     however, the main resources used to formulate this presentation,
8     which I highly recommend,
9     include an audio program entitled, Freedom from Fear, by Reverend Mary Boggs of the Living Enrichment
10   A book entitled, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, by Susan Jeffers,
11   Life is an Attitude, by Elwood N. Chapman.
12   and finally, Peace, Love and Feeling, by Dr. Bernie S. Seagal.
13   I’d like to begin by telling you a story.
14   There once were three brick masons working together on a building.
15   A little boy happened by
16   and asked the first brick mason, “What are you doing?”
17   Without even looking up, he responded,
18   “I’m laying bricks!”
19   The little boy approached the second (index front right) brick mason,
20   and asked him,
21   “What are you doing?”
22   The second brick mason looked kindly at the boy, and said,
23   “I’m building a wall.”
24   The little boy approached the third brick mason
25   and asked the same question.
26   “What are you doing?”
27   The brick mason faced him squarely and replied with enthusiasm, (body shifting during role play) and obvious pride,
28   “I am building a beautiful cathedral.”
29   Now, if this little boy approached you and asked you,
30   “What are you doing?”
31   How would you respond?
32   Do you feel as though you simply lay bricks
33   or do you retain the original joy and enthusiasm of your life choices?
34   Do you simply go through your routine in an unconscious manner
35   or do you always keep in the forefront of your mind (point to head) a vision of your beautiful cathedral?
36   Our minds are very powerful tools.
37   How we experience our life’s work,
38   and indeed our lives,
39   is to a great degree a function of what we tell ourselves.
40   You see, the man laying bricks performs the very same task as the man who was building a beautiful cathedral,
41   but his inner experience was quite different.
42   We do have the power to affect our own perspective
43   and, therefore, our internal experience of external events.
44   We’ve all heard about positive self-talk,
45   that what you tell yourself is very likely to become your reality.

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