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From Topic Boundaries to Omission: New Research on Interpretation
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46   Well, if this is true,
47   how do we turn our negative self-chatter into powerful “I can” messages?
48   Well, one thing to understand is that the brain tries to find answers to the questions posed to it.
49   So, if you could ask yourself questions that will elicit a positive response,
50   you have a head start on seeing the world in a positive way.
51   For example, when you first wake up in the morning,
52   do you ask yourself questions like this?
53   What do I have to do today?
54   What problems am I gonna hafta face? (voice inflection)
55   What’s gonna happen if I fail at the challenges facing me?
56   Or try some of these questions instead.
57   What am I excited about today?
58   What challenges can I look forward to learning from today?
59   What new opportunities can I create today?
60   When facing a new challenge,
61   or what some people call a problem,
62   what kind of questions do you ask yourself?
63   Do you ask,
64   What could I lose if I try and fail?
65   Or, how about this?
66   What could I lose if I don’t try?
67   What could I gain by trying, whether I succeed or not?
68   Often, we’re stuck in negativity or negative emotions
69   such as anger, depression, anxiety, to name a few.
70   It’s important to recognize that these negative emotions that we’re experiencing
71   are actually based in fear—
72   fear of failure,
73   fear of being hurt,
74   fear of being humiliated,
75   fear of not having enough money,
76   fear of being alone.
77   I’m sure you could add to the list.
78   For example, if you get angry because someone cuts you off when you’re driving,
79   the first thing that actually occurred was that
80   you experienced a fear of having a collision.
81   The anger was actually based in fear,
82   as most negative emotions are.
83   Fear is the biggest inhibitor of us acting upon our dreams and living our lives fully.
84   We hold back from participating in life fully
85   because we are afraid.
86   We’re afraid to speak our truth,
87   we’re afraid to show up in the world as we are,
88   and we’re holding back in some way because of our fears.
89   Well, sad to say, it’s not possible to do away with fear completely.
90   Every person on this planet experiences fear.
91   We all have fear in our lives.
92   Think about it.
93   Where is fear controlling you right now?
94   We all have fear in our lives.
95   Even the people who are very successful and self-confident,
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