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I Fill This Small Space: Writings of a Deaf Activist

Lawrence Newman
Edited by David Kurs

Part II: On Communication and Language

Reaction to
See! See! See! See! Article

1017 Lido Street
Anaheim, California 92801
13 February 69

My Dear Mr. Newman,

Thanks for your note last week along with a further contribution titled “Teacher Training” for The California Forum.

There are two reasons, one minor and one major, why I do not think we shall be able to use your contributions after “See! See! See! See!” This decision has nothing to do with you personally, nor with your English!

The minor reason is the fact that your contributions also appear in The Deaf American. Although we did begin the series with “See! x 4,” as a bimonthly paper we are easily and progressively overtaken by the monthly Deaf American: it is four articles ahead of us now, (we did scoop the monthly with an announcement of your “Teacher of the Year” award) and a reprint in The California Forum would be just that—a reprint. Of course, I am assuming all good teachers subscribe to The Deaf American, the one and only national publication of its nature.

The major reason, however, is the following from a writer who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. (His letter is hastily written and he wishes to rewrite and polish . . .) I quote:

. . . What I have to say is slightly critical. I feel guilty about that basically because (of the fact that you seem) willing to give of your own time, talent and energy for no recompense at all to put out The Forum. I also feel that it is a much better Forum than we have ever had before.

The Deaf American (June 1969)
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