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Interpreting in Legal Settings

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Excerpts from the corpus are identified by a four-character key for the hearing and by the start and finish times, in minutes and seconds, in the audio file. Participants are referred to with the following abbreviations:

ADJ  =  adjudicating official
APP  =  appellant (i.e. asylum seeker)
INT   =  interpreter
REC  =  recording clerk

Our translations of German utterances appear in italics.

Transcription conventions were applied as follows:

underlining      overlapping speech (e.g.: APP   word word word
                                                             INT            word word word)
(→INT)         addressee of (part of) utterance
ə                    voiced hesitation (“uh”)
. .                   short pause (. . = approx. 1 sec.)
°°                   pausing for recording clerk (°° = approx. 1 sec.)
wo-, word-    false start or interruption
(?word)         uncertain
(? ?)              unrecoverable speech

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