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Sign Language Studies

American Annals of the Deaf

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Linguistics of American Sign Language
An Introduction

New 5th Edition
Completely Revised and Updated with New DVD

Clayton Valli, Ceil Lucas, Kristin J. Mulrooney, and Miako N.P. Rankin

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DVD Contents
Preface to Fifth Edition

Part One Introduction

Unit 1     Defining Language
Unit 2     Defining Linguistics

Part Two Phonology

Unit 3     Signs Have Parts
Unit 4     The Stokoe System
Unit 5     The Concept of Sequentiality in the Description of Signs
Unit 6     The Liddell and Johnson Movement-Hold Model
Unit 7     Phonological Processes
Unit 8     Summary

Part Three Morphology

Unit 9     Building New Signs
Unit 10   Deriving Nouns from Verbs
Unit 11   Compounds
Unit 12   Fingerspelling
Unit 13   Numeral Incorporation

Part Four Syntax

Unit 14   Introduction
Unit 15   Basic Sentence Types
Unit 16   Lexical Categories
Unit 17   Word Order
Unit 18   Time and Aspect
Unit 19   Verbs
Unit 20   The Function of Space

Part Five Semantics

Unit 21   The Meaning of Individual Signs
Unit 22   The Meaning of Sentences

Part Six Language in Use

Unit 23   Variation and Historical Change
Unit 24   ASL Discourse
Unit 25   Bilingualism and Language Contact
Unit 26   Language as Art

Part Seven Supplemental Readings

Analyzing Signs
     Robbin Battison

File 1.1 Why Study Language?

File 1.2 Course Objectives

File 1.3 “Good” Language

File 1.4 Arbitrariness in Language

Signs Have Parts: A Simple Idea
     Robbin Battison

Introduction to A Dictionary of American Sign Language
     William C. Stokoe, Dorothy C. Casterline, and Carl G. Croneberg

File 3.1 What Is Phonetics?

File 3.2 Representing Speech Sounds

File 4.1 What Is Phonology?

File 4.2 The Value of Sounds: Phonemes

File 4.3 Phonological Rules

American Sign Language: the Phonological Base
     Scott K. Liddell and Robert E. Johnson

File 5.1 Morphology: Words and Word Formation

File 5.3 The Hierarchical Structure of Derived Words

File 5.4 Morphological Processes

The Confluence of Space and Language in Signed Languages
     Karen Emmorey

Indicating Verbs and Pronouns: Pointing Away from Agreement
     Scott K. Liddell

Body Partitioning and Real-Space Blends
     Paul G. Dudis

Syntax: The Analysis of Sentence Structure
     Edward Finegan and Niko Besnier

Syntax: The Analysis of Sentence Structure
     William O’Grady

Semantics: The Analysis of Meaning
     William O’Grady

File 10.1 Introduction to Language Variation

File 10.2 Variation at Different Levels of Linguistic Structure

File 10.3 Language and Socioeconomic Status

Analyzing Variation in Sign Languages: Theoretical and Methodological Issues   451
     Rob Hoopes, Mary Rose, Robert Bayley, Ceil Lucas, Alyssa Wulf,
     Karen Petronio, and Steven Collins

Variation in American Sign Language
     Ceil Lucas and Robert Bayley

Variation: Basic Concepts
     Ceil Lucas, Robert Bayley, and Clayton Valli

Discourse Analysis
     Melanie Metzger and Ben Bahan

Language Contact in the American Deaf Community
     Ceil Lucas and Clayton Valli


Clayton Valli was an assistant professor in the Master’s Interpreting Program at Gallaudet University.

Ceil Lucas is Professor Emerita of Linguistics at Gallaudet University.

Kristin J. Mulrooney is an associate professor in the Department of Linguistics and director of the Center for Bilingual Teaching and Learning at Gallaudet University.

Miako N.P. Rankin is an associate professor in the Department of Linguistics at Gallaudet University.

ISBN 978-1-56368-507-1, 7 x 10 casebound, 596 pages, 68 tables, 244 figures, DVD


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