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Literacy and Your Deaf Child: What Every Parent Should Know

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A parentís role in promoting an enjoyment for writing in their deaf child is one that centers around the provision of activities that encourage writing. This is likely to occur when parents do the following:

  • Provide the tools for writing (crayons, pens, paper, computer).
  • Model writing behaviors around the house.
  • Show that writing has many useful functions in our daily lives.
  • Provide opportunities for the child to write at home.
  • Encourage family efforts to write.

Even children who desire to write are often faced with the formidable task of overcoming the appeal of television, computer games, and the Internet. Every parent with children, deaf and hearing, struggles with ways to lessen the effects of these distractions. While we acknowledge that these ubiquitous household activities carry some modicum of intellectual value, they cut drastically into the amount of time that a child has available for writing at homeótime that is further reduced by other after-school activities, such as playing sports, completing household chores, doing homework, and playing with friends. There are no easy solutions; but just as deaf children try hard in their effort to learn to read and write, you too, need to be persistent in your effort to support them.

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