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Outcasts and Angels
The New Anthology of Deaf Characters in Literature

Edna Edith Sayers, Editor

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Daniel Defoe England, 1729   From The Life and Adventures of Mr. Duncan Campbell
Charlotte Elizabeth England, 1841   From Letter VIII: The Dumb Boy,
in Personal Recollections
Henry William Bishop USA, 1868   Jerry and Clarinda
Auguste Villiers de L’Isle-Adam France, 1883   The Unknown
Ambrose Bierce USA, 1891   Chickamauga
Annie Trumbull Slosson USA, 1896   Clavis
Richard Dehan England, 1915   Under the Electrics: A Show-Lady Is Eloquent
Viola Meynell England, 1924   We Were Just Saying
Gianna Manzini Italy, 1929   The Wife of the Deaf Man
Howard T. Hofsteater USA, 1930   Dummy
Kim Tongni Korea, 1936   Portrait of a Shaman
Isak Dinesen Denmark, 1937   Karomenya, from Out of Africa
Juozas Grušas Lithuania, 1937   Fairer Than the Sun
Weldon Kees USA, 1939   I Should Worry
George P. Elliott USA, 1954   Miss Cudahy of Stowes Landing
Flannery O’Connor USA, 1955   The Life You Save May Be Your Own
Gordon Woodward Canada, 1955   The Edge of Sound
Nadine Gordimer Republic of South Africa, 1956   Charmed Lives
Warren Kliewer USA, 1964   The Sibyl
Joanne Greenberg USA, 1967   And Sarah Laughed
Rasheed A. Gbadamosi Nigeria, 1969   The Sexton’s Deaf Son
Joanne Greenberg USA, 1985   Like a Native
Douglas Bullard USA, 1986   From Chapter 3 of Islay
Richard Umans USA, 1986   Speech
Carole Glickfeld USA, 1989   My Father’s Darling
Sheila Kohler USA/Republic of South Africa, 1990   Miracles in America
Pauline Melville England/Guyana, 1990   A Quarrelsome Man
Florence V. Mayberry USA, 1992   The Secret
Karawynn Long USA, 1995   Of Silence and Slow Time
Morris Smith USA, 1997   Stone Deaf
Marlin Barton USA, 2009   Into Silence
Julian Barnes England, 2009   The Limner
    Reading Deaf Characters
    Works Cited
    Permissions and Credits

Edna Edith Sayers is former Professor of English at Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.

Print Edition

ISBN 978-1-56368-539-2, 7 x 10 paperback, 368 pages, references



ISBN 978-1-56368-540-8


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